October 31st, 2005


Such a dirty whore...

Badge whore that is.

Anyone know where (if there are any) badges for the new zones are. I ventured into Siren's Call for a bit today, did some fly-by healings/buffings, then left. Very cool hero vs. bad guy battles going on.

(And damn ED really screwed up my ice/emp ctrlr. Grrr.)
Puck (silly)

All Your Base

A couple of us from my SG decided to make a base last night. We only had about 310k prestige to work with, 300k of that being the free gift prestige that was given out. We were able to get two generic rooms in addition to the entry hall area you start out with, plus some random furnishings. I still don't know how much our rent will be or when it will be due. The SG representative in City Hall doesn't have much to say, and the whole base creation process seems to be a "learn as you go" thing.

It's nice to have a little spot to retreat to. Though I find it rather silly that if I log out while inside the base, when I log back in I'm standing outside again. Also, based on the meager rate that prestige accrues and the price tags on the rooms and fixtures that actually have a purpose, it seems pretty clear that only the huge uber Supergroups are expected to have bases with medical units, teleporters, defenses, and all the other cool stuff that's been hyped up. Unless you've got a Supergroup populated by dozens of people who play several hours every day, I just don't see how it would ever be possible to accumulate the tens of millions of prestige needed to buy anything that's truly useful. For a smaller Supergroup like the one my main belongs to, just scraping together enough for a Workshop so we can use our salvage is going to be a challenge.

On a different note... I managed to snag all the exploration badges in the new PvP zones before they totally became overrun by gankers. And now I never have to set foot in them again.

Gotta Collect Them All!!!

so @raye gunn laid the smack down in Gladiator with her Crey Power Tanks the other night.

Last night I got wtfpwnt by some longbow boss-class types with psi and aura heal... i think the other had kinetics.


Certain badges and accolades and some PvP mishes unlock gladiators, apparently.

When I was doing the Warburg missle mish, I didnt realize that each terminal yields a different power (escort 4 scientists, click a terminal, launch a nuke). My tank now has an AoE nuclear blast (one use only) now and has a Shivan pet (from Bloody Bay) =P. Anyway, now I have to go back to farking Warburg and go the correct terminal thingy.

Sidenote: I think what I like about Warburg is when my friends and I team, we separate and do our own thing(we dont initiate any attacking unless we're at the beachfront). When one of us gets ambushed, the rest of the team comes to help and then, oddly, the attacker(s) flee(s). hmmmm >:D

Unlocking Gladiator Badges
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Teamspeak question

Okay-- so I have a forum, and it has about 100 people on it... and we recently moved to a dedicated server.

What would I need to do to get Teamspeak running on this server?  Would it greatly burden traffic on my site if I had 8 people running Teamspeak on it?  Would there be additional costs other than what we already pay for the server?

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