November 1st, 2005

Idle question...

Does the logic hold that all the people who've climbed their characters to the 30's and above through the previous issues are going to be the hardest hit by Enhancement Diversification, because they simply got used to playing their characters a certain way, and now they have to change their perspective?

I mean, I've made up several characters since ED, and I'm loving my nrg/nrg blaster at the lower levels. Rag doll physics rocks like socks. I've also made at least one of every archetype just to try out the system, and it doesn't seem too bad.

My main is a 32 lvl dark/dark def that I haven't actually played since ED went live, so I can't really speak to how much I feel that toon has been nerfed.

I guess I'm a tabletop gamer who is used to game companies putting out multiple editions of their corebooks and shelling out $29.95 a pop every time they do it, so the iterations of COH don't bother me as much as some with regard to creating new characters to take advantage of the new system. I don't have any playing habits I need to get rid of before I can enjoy COH post-issue 6.

Just my two cents.

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It is just not my day. EB Games shipped CoV last week, but it still hasn't shown up and the grace period for the head start ended so no villainy for me. That's ok as long as they don't delete my dudes. I logged in as my level 44 main to try to level him up. I did a mission and realized that ED gimped some of my powers. I respec'ed and then did another mission. I lost connection to the mapserver (on Victory) and watched helplessly as the Crey Field Agent beat my ass into the ground. The program eventually crashed and logged into another dude on Pinnacle. Two crashes later and here I am, pretty pissed off. Every issue seems to introduce more problems. I'm not convinced they've fixed all of the memory leaks for I4, but who knows? Other members on my team crashed as well. I don't mind debt if I think that I've deserved it, but crash-debt is the worst.
head tilt, aeryniana

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I have a question for them:
Why does the comic book suck so bad now?

You'll notice a few posts back that I have not renewed my comic book account. Even if I HAD the money to spare, even for completion's sake, I would not pay for the comic.
Bring back War Witch and her palls. She's a ghost, so what! I don't care!

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