November 2nd, 2005


Heroes and Villains

I've only been playing City of Heroes since May and am absolutely addicted to it. Of course, when I heard about City of Villains, I knew I had to try that too. I'm loving playing the bad guy as well. I created my Heroes alter ego and a few others.

Behind the cut are some various pictures of Collapse )

FUN Stuff!! :)

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Oh btw, I'm @Ravyn Otila on Liberty if anyone wants to team up sometime.
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City of Heroes East Coast Comic Shop Tour

If you're in the East Coast, say hi from the LJ community will ya?

Arctic_Sun: City of Heroes East Coast Comic Shop Tour

As a celebration of the City of Villains launch and City of Heroes success, NCsoft and Cryptic Studios are proud to bring two of the top creative talents associated with both titles to a rare East Coast Tour of some of the finest comic book shops around!

Jack Emmert (Statesman), Creative Director for Cryptic Studios, will be joined by up-and-coming artist David Nakayama, penciler on Top CowÂ’s City of Heroes comic book!

Jack will answer any questions you may throw his way about CoH, CoV, and comic books in general. David will offer his talents to sketch playersÂ’ game characters! Jack will also test fansÂ’ trivia knowledge for a chance to win cool prizes and rare comic and game items!

Stop by and meet two of the creative forces behind City of Heroes / City of Villains – an ever-expanding world of excitement and opportunity!

We look forward to seeing you!


Jack Emmert (Statesman), Creative Director, Cryptic Studios
David Nakayama, Artist for Top Cow Productions, City of Heroes

November 9 – Two locations in New York City
November 10 – Two locations in Philadelphia, PA

Day 1 – New York City – November 9

Location: Jim HanleyÂ’s Universe
Manhattan Location
4 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001
Jim Hanley's Universe Website
Time of event: Noon to 2:00 PM

Location: St. MarkÂ’s Comics
11 St. MarkÂ’s Place
New York, NY 10003
St. Mark's Comics Website
Time of event: 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Day 2 – Philadelphia – November 10

Location: Fat JackÂ’s Comicrypt
2006 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Time of event: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Location: Showcase Comics
874 W. Lancaster Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Time of event: 4:00 to 7:00 PM

Jesse Scoble
CoH Web Content Developer

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Puck (silly)

AVs in need of smackdown

Jezebella (Level 45, Claws/SR) is currently holding two AV missions that I'd really like to clear off her to-do list tonight. The first is the final mission of the Envoy of Shadows arc (very old arc - the Envoy conned white to me in what I'd thought would be our last encounter). The second is the Pyschic Clockwork king, who was big ugly and purple when I took a peek inside the mission last night. He's worth a badge, but I already have it.

So if you have a hero on Guardian server and you're interested in helping out, send me a tell tonight. I'll be looking to start around 9pm EST.
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Anyone on this COH this week?

Blatant cull for a team. I usually play on victory, but have alts elsewhere. Haven't played in a couple of weeks because I *shuffles feet neurotically* ended a four-year realtionship and have been feeling sorry for myself. (cue violins)

Still not *into* playing atm, since I had just bought him the pre-order of COV thinking we'd both be playing...but screw it. I like the game too. So, anyone going to be on tonight/this weekend who wants to team? If so, send global invite to officedog.
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Nostromo n52 SpeedPad

I was considering the Belkin Nostromo game pad, but I've never used anything like this before, the most exciting thing I've used was a wireless keyboard and mouse.

I was thinking it would be great for dominators, blasters, corruptors, even masterminds (all of which I play >.>) but I'm not sure. Someone in the comm had an issue with their n52? Anyways feedback would be cool. =)

Or other suggestions. I have issues it seems with reaching the 7890 buttons in the heat of battle. >.> Sometimes I end up playing without the mouse and just play with both hands on the keyboard. (I am so not the master of mouse-look.)


I teamed with a SG mate last night to try out the Warburg missile mission. (Does it give a badge, too? I got 2 of the three temp powers thus far.) While looking for the bunker entrance (similar to the Wolf's Throat in Striga) an energy blaster kept taking shots at my tanker buddy.

Well, she didn't do much damage, but it was painfully obvious we weren't interested in PvP. We kept ignoring her, never fired at her (I don't suppose she figured I was on Mr Thunder's team, at first), and putting distance between ourselves and her, but she was pretty persistent.

When we found the entrance she backed off for a moment, then Mr Thunder said in local, 'Come on in.' Sadly, she did, and he whopped her with some kind of disorienting punch (knocked her down to almost half health immediately). She stumbled around, and tried to make an exit.

I popped Aim, then Bitter Freeze Ray. Stuck her in a nice block of ice. It just so happened there was a wandering patrol of Hercules Class Titans where I froze her. I wasn't planning on doing more than what I did, but they mopped her up right quick. It was incredibly cruel, and I felt both horrible and terribly awesome for doing it.

Is it Heroic?

Ok, I just got COV and started to play around with the new features. I took my level 35 Scrapper into Warburg which is the PVP for my level. I didn't know that it was a Free for All there. Heroes attacking Heroes. I just had a few questions about that, that maybe someone could help me with.

1. Is this in the story line somewhere? Heroes attacking Heroes just seems to go against the basic nature of the game. Heroes vs Villian I can see.

2. What do you think about it?
Hob Auf!


I am amused that in Warburg, superheroes and villains get to use Weapons of Mass Destruction on their fellow superhumans.

Mandatory snide remark on lack of WMDs found in Iraq.
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First mixed hero+villain team!

So, you know that you can't invite "enemies" to your team, right?

Well, Doctor Leo found a way ;P

(click for larger image)

We could still attack each other while on the same team, but we ALL got PvP reputation for the kill -- we killed her and she got 0.3 reputation for being on the team who killed her! Was really funny. We got into one of her missions, but we couldn't attack the Longbows and they didn't see us. It's too bad we can't trade with villains; the highest villains I've seen using /search are just level 27... pretty sure they don't have enough inf to get properly slotted with SOs.
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returning to the game

Well, i haven't been playing the game since july. i de-activated my account because it really wasn't fun anymore.But, thats a whole other rant.

i've been watching the community, so i'm not totally out of the loop. So, today i decided to re-activate my account and i'm waiting for the wife to get back from work along with (fingers crossed) a copy of CoV from wally world. So i logged in my old characters, but more specifically my main, a 41 kat/regen scrapper. I took a look at his powers and stuff and i just don't know where to begin respecing him. i've got i think 3 or 4 that i can use, as i've been hording them. Its going to be interesting getting used to the game again as a lot has changed.

so, i'm back, on a pinnacle. i've come back to the game to find that my SG has died, so i have nobody to really play with. If anyone is interested i'm @kitsunex, feel free to look me up.


I found this quote on the US forums, from MidniteRambler and it made my evening:

"If you don't feel "super" while dressed in a blue costume with a red cape and glowing hands while fighting a giant robot on top of a building, then there is something wrong with you."