November 4th, 2005

Hmmm / Got a plan
  • syrusb

Katana/Regen build advice?

I started a Katana/Regeneration scrapper on Virtue recently and I'm curious if anyone has build advice on either part, but mostly the Regen part. The Regen set comes with its own +heal +endrecov powers, so I'm really curious if getting into the Fitness pool for Stamina is worth it. (I want to take Swift and Hurdle because I like both those powers, anyway.) Is it possible to be really effective without Stamina while slotting Quick Recovery 3-4 times; if I have to take Stamina can I take it later in my build? (Say, late 20s?)

I already know I'm taking Teleportation as my travel power, but I doubt that makes any difference in the rest of the build.
  • qayne

Test Server Issue

Whenever I launch the Test Server client, the opening page that lists the latest updates isn't refreshing. It's showing the updates from 9/23! Now, I hadn't gone into Test since I got my CoV Beta invite, and I know there have been some issues with Test, so I was wondering if this is related. Anyone else getting this old page?