November 5th, 2005

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I was doing a mission with Pyrita, my level 30 (now 31) blaster, when something occurred to me;

I was still using my pre-ED build.

I was doing pretty well, too. A team of 4-- scrapper, warshade (primarily in hulk mode) and a bubble defender-- and we were kickin' ass, takin' names. and I was doing the vast majority of the damage. On top of everything else, I'm level 30, so all my enhancements were at +0 level.

Now, it occurs to me, I should be doing /better/, but I'm really not sure what I should do now with ED. The biggest change for me is lacking permahasten. I've always relied on that, and I don't want to go back to slow recharge times. I'm a fire/fire blaster, though, and I like to hit consistently, so I keep 2 accuracy SOs in each of my attack powers. With ED, I'd like to have 3 damage SOs in each power, that leaves 1 slot left for recharge.

Is 1 slot enough? I feel like I should really put in 2 recharges, but that either means taking out an accuracy or a damage.

In regards to hasten, I don't even know what to do with it now. I could drop it entirely, but I rather like having the SS+Stealth combo, and hasten is a prerequisite of that. I'm really not fond of powers that I can't count on to always be ready when I want them, I didn't take Dull Pain for Horus Guard (my 50 regen scrapper) until the late 30s, and only after testing to make sure that I could almost perma it.

So... do you guys have any suggestions? Here's my build:

17 powers, 31 slots

Fire Blast
Fire Ball
Fire Breath
Blazing Bolt (primarily just a fun power, not really meant to be used, had an extra pick)

Ring of Fire (required)
Combustion (just a fun power with nothing better available at level 4)

Super Speed