November 6th, 2005

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I just finished Synapse's task force on Virtue with NanoCab and littleone. We did it mainly to gain prestige for our respective supergroups. Nano and I are both in Paragon Taxi Service - Garage Two, and together we raised about 25,000 prestige. We stealthed about 3 or 4 missions of the 10 that make up the TF so we didn't get all the prestige that we could have, but we're pretty happy with what we've got now. Of course, we've got about 27,000 prestige total after putting together a cozy base with 3 rooms. We still need a mainframe and a generator before we can build a workshop and use the MASSIVE amount of salvage that we racked up during the TF. I swear, I must have gotten 10 pieces of titanium and 8 clockwork fragments. All in all, it was a good time. We started at about 10:15ish and ended at 1:45, making it a cool 3½ hours, done with 3 people after the 4th dropped on the 3rd mission.

missing badges.

Ah, yes, this is one of those "oops, I missed it" posts.

The Cobalt Fist (level 26 INV/SS Tank - Virtue) would love to get his hands on the following badges:
Plague Stopper

As well as get in on some missed or upcoming Task Forces (only completed Positron's thus far).

Drop me a line if you can help or get a hold of me in-game at Cobalt Fist or @dataset.


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Zombies Hate Fast Food

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Agile, Dodge, and Lucky are the three passive powers in Super Reflexes that increase damage resistance as your HP drops. My question is, does anyone know how much damage resistance is provided as your health falls?