November 7th, 2005

Rope's End.

This is a vent-acular RANT.
For the next several minutes I intend to scream to the heavens about my dire videogaming experiences of late.
You have been warned.

I have been patient and open-minded. I have been quiet and amicable.
But after this weekend, my anger proves too much, and my disappointment is undeniable.

I bought CoV and made a few villains... goofed around. Wasted time. But mainly, I wanted access to all the game would have to offer my main character, Themis Isidriel. He's a level 41 fire/axe tank. And once upon a time he was a heroic fighter to be feared. He solo'ed on invincible, made teams happy for his ability to manage combat, and - when the occasions arose - gave better than he got in the arena.

No more.

Now he is anything but super. He's a flamboyant cop in a Halloween costume.
It's not enough that ED cripples his defenses - he only has two resistance powers, and both only take one type of enhancement - but his main offense has been weakened as well. Axe swings that used to devestate opponents now only slow them down at best. In PvE, he now has no choice but to fight between Rugged and Unyilding... Invincible is nothing short of folly. He is a tank that can only solo groups of five-six at best... and none of those can be a boss-class villain. The only way for him to make it through any sizable challenge and not be sent repeatedly to the hospital is to ensure he has a chaperrone... a charitable controller or defender to give him the "super" he used to have all on his own.
PvP? Forget it. He used to shake off most holds, and be able to take some hits before anyone had a chance to 'knock his toggles off.' I had a MA/SR scrapper in Warburg singlehandedly hand Isidriel his ass. It was like watching Daredevil beat the crap out of Thor. It made no sense. The next outing to the big PvP show had Isidriel fall to a blaster. Granted, the player was really good, but when I exhaust all his axe swings and the opponent (who is supposed to be among the squishiest) resisters less than a quarter total damage before popping a green to get full health again, something is wildly awry. And storming the beach with two other toons at my back, Isidriel was easily dispatched SEVEN TIMES.

I have read all the complaints before I6 went live, and have kept abreast of developments regarding how best to manage the change. I've respec'ed according to the prevailing wisdom. I've played ball. And now I feel wholly qualified to say: This is BULLSHIT.

I have been investing my time and money into this character for nearly a year now. THIS is the return on my investment?! Turning my character into a handicapped adventurer... one who is USELESS unless helped along by those he once often chose to protect? Now I have no choice. I HAVE to team if I don't want to spend my time getting to know all the doctors in Paragon City by their first names. And that sucks, because I like to solo.

How do the devs think they can delegitimize the existing characters of loyal players and not get flack for it? If you want to take away something - for whatever "good" or "intended" reason - shouldn't you balance that to make the change acceptable to ALL those who have to live with it? Don't they see that an entire class of tank is now worthless?

I built my supergroup's base yesterday while my GF, a controller, ran missions. She was telling me about how awesome her new powers were... clamoring for me to join her. She was taking on purple Lt.s while street-hunting on PI. Knowing that I wouldn't last a minute with her, I had Themis Isidriel, Justice Incarnate, the Left Hand of Almighty God doing the task that best suits him now...

Interior decorating.

Thanks Jack.

Bloody Bay and PvP

As I can't play CoV until my stupid copy arrives, I've been playing a lot of CoH, specifically in Bloody Bay. I was pretty wary of PvP and think the arena sucks, but I like Bloody Bay. It seems that it's more popular among the villains because the heroes are always seriously debuffed and I rarely see more than one or two heroes.

Some comments:
The devs need to adjust the stalkers' hide so that they can't stand right next to Eckman (the first contact). As soon as they attack you, they get spotted by the drones and zapped, but it's still pretty annoying that the contact right next to the stupid helicopter, surrounded by legions of Longbow agents is not safe.

Hyper stealth, a temp power you get for successfully patroling Bloody Bay, is not enough to hide you from stalkers' increased perception. I tried to attack some villains at the Arachnos Base, but got spotted and ganked pretty quickly. Some of the villains were cool about it and were amazed that I lasted more than a minute with six people attacking me. I had all of my dark shields up and had death shroud on as well to prevent assassin strikes. I would have lasted longer, but the lag prevented me from firing off dark regeneration. Some of the other villains were bragging about how easily they took me out. Uh...yeah. Six on one. You really showed me.

The devs should make the meteors do damage over time or something to prevent people, mainly villains, from camping them. I know it's a PvP zone, but it would be nice to have a sort of fair fight every now and then.

Are there any powers that help you resist teleport foe? One ninja MM used teleport foe to continually teleport me into his gang of knuckleheads. I was running hurricane so it wasn't too bad, but it's pretty annoying to not be able to run away.
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Still haven't gotten City of Villains... fricking gamestop... grrr...

Anyways, I just took my Ice/Storm controller, F'rosta, to Bloody Bay, and it was awesome! I did the meteor ore mission, and overall it was pretty easy sneaking around. SS+Steamy Mists means no NPCs noticed me.

The hard part came when I had to process it... My controller only has 3 powers that do damage... Block of Ice, Icy Rain and Gust (which is totally unslotted and rarely used). I just couldn't kill the base defenses. I managed to take out 2 turrets and 3 popup guns, with 1 popup, 1 turret and 1 LT turret left, when all the popups respawned around me!

I managed to enlist the aid of some fellow heroes, and we destroyed the turrets quickly. Also helped out someone else who was in the same spot, a storm defender. Invited him to my team and he got there just as the last turret fell.

OOH! And I killed my first villain in PvP! While wandering off after a meteor, I stumbled upon a brute attacking some freaks, so I did what any good Ice/Storm controller would do. I slipped an ice patch under them all and froze him. And put a snow storm on him. And froze him. And used Icy Rain. And Arctic Air. And froze him. I imagined it prolly sucked to be him. It was pretty boring for me, too. I almost offered a truce, but I figured I got that far, might as well.

Fricking Freaks got the kill though, I didn't. :/