November 8th, 2005


Small Update

Fixed bug that made Prestige awards given in Mission maps not always update in Supergroup stats after players exit the mission.

Lost Prestige from before the patch will be restored in a later maintenance.

Bloody Hell!

I posted on cityofvillains a week ago about accidentally upgrading my account twice instead of mine once and my boyfriend's once.

That issue should stay in that community since it shouldn't concern CoH.

But it does ... I got a response about it from support today (I asked if they could send another code over). They sent me the code so I can play City of Villains, but in the process BLOCKED my City of Heroes account! All of the hard work for over a year is lost.

Well, I'm cancelling my subscription since these assholes can't understand the concept of 'If you can send another code for City of Villains, that would be greatly appreciated.' I'm sorry, I'm just flaming pissed off.

... They nerfed my account. :(
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The End of an Era

Ive never had so much discontent with COH before now, and It's nothing that COH did. My Entire SG has left and deserted me as the only regular player of COH. And of all things they left it for COV. I wouldn't be that upset if it was any normal SG. But these are my RL friends we had LAN parties and SG pow-wows on the weekends sometimes. Now after a year of a hard-hitting fearless team they've left with no remorse, and no after thought to what we made together as a group. As the last active member of the BMF I have 2 choices

1. Accept the inevitable & join my friends in COV
2. Refuse to sell out and try to revive the fallen SG
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