November 9th, 2005

J'ohn loves his oreos.

The Farmer: XSF Getaway, Chapter 2

The second chapter of The Farmer has been published on Metahuman Press. I could certainly use some feedback, so if any of you do read it, please say something about it. You'll notice on the left side of the screen, there's a link to the first chapter, as well.

The Farmer: XSF Getaway, Chapter 2: Egged On (See? I remembered to provide a link this time!)

Er, in other news, my account expired shortly before City of Villains was released. I haven't gotten around to purchasing CoV nor a time card. I was hoping to do some new Daily Dosages of Doug with the new costumes. Ah well. Maybe in a few weeks. I'm still waiting for...argh, I can't remember his user name...the guy that did the character bio contest that Doug's background won as a runner up. I've been really looking forward to seeing what he does with the big green, non-Hulk guy.

Also, for anyone that's interested, I actually made both XSF 44 and The Farmer (from the story above) using the CoH character creation program. Due to their copyright laws, I can't use any characters I save on the game for my own personal gain. So I created them, took screen shots and chose not to save them.

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City of Villains Sale has CoV on sale for $32.90 (or the collectors edition for $59.90). It's a 48 hour madness sale ( with 32 hours remaining. A word of caution though, the sidebar lists it as 32.90, but when you add it to your cart it still says 39.90. I don't know what's up with that.

Anyway, just thought some people who were waiting may want to take advantage of the sale.

Spelunking, anyone?

dataset and I will be running the Spelunker badge mission this Friday night around 7pm EST on Virtue. If anyone has a character that needs it, feel free to join us. I'm not terribly worried about XP for the mission so whatever levels is fine (I'm 14). If we get enough appropriate level characters to exemp the higher ups, great. If not, meh. We'll all get badgified, anyway.

So, if you want to join us send a /tell to Lickorice (yes, spelled with a k) or @Quasadu global.

graphics card question.

I'm looking to buy a new graphics card (for COH/COV). I want to get the best thing on the market but the best graphics cards are all PCI-express now and I don't have a PCI-express slot in my computer. All I have is a AGP slot.

So the GeForce 6600 GT AGP is the best thing on the market for AGP slotted motherboards??

Anything better out there?

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Just logged out of CoV and now the downloader is downloading Expansion 6 " along came the spider" ?!?
Isn't this what we are playing on now? I'm confused as to why it would be down loading it all over again.

Edit: never's not doing it now...maybe I've sat infront of the screen for to long today.