November 10th, 2005

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ok.. I need some answer to some questions and am feeling a tad frustrated at the forums.

1. Teleporters. I know you need power to the base and control computers and a TP room. In SG mode you need to find the beacons to be able to port to the area. Are you only able to port to where the beacons are?

2. Medical Rooms: What's the point ? In most cases the hospitals are closer to the mission site, unless you combine it with teleporters.

3.Vaults: Are they just for storing salvage or can you store enh there to?

4. Worktables: We are interested in Player Made enhancements. It's my understanding you need salvage and time to make PO's,power,and control. Are the PO's worth it? What else can you make?


I am not lazy about it just having problems browsing the forums @ work. At home it's fast but not from here. I've got a slow day and am trying to get some direction for our villian base.

Links or answers would be great!
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So I've _just_ installed the game...

...and I was thinking of making a huge tanker. Kind of a boxer gone wrong character, too many steroids.

Does anyone have any tips? Is there anything I should/shouldn't do? What's the best way to find a group? Do I have to find a group?

I am the biggest nooby noob n00b around, so all advice will be read and appreciated. Thanks!

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It's nice to see a lot more villains in BBay.
It's not nice to see me get gang raped by said villains in BBay.

It's nice to have a ranged melee attack (impale - spines).
It's nicer to get that imaple off and kill a villain as he stands behind a drone and taunts to "C'mon and get me."
It's not nice to have the drone kill me as well.

It's nice to run into ppl I know from LJ (villains)in PvP zones.
It's nicer to use macros and donkey punch them.
It's not nice to have @Big Angry use one of my binds against me and give me a dirty sanchez as I lay wtfpwnt.
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J'ohn loves his oreos.

Doug am winner!

Doug win contest! It make Doug happy. Doug no do smashy-smash in while now, but Doug still happy with Doug win.

See, Doug see contest where people tell story. Winner am get nice picture! So, Doug tell story...of Doug!

This am Doug story.

And you am guess what? DOUG WIN! Well, Doug one of winners. But then! Ooh, ooh! Then! Doug get e-mail!

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Zombies Hate Fast Food


I just discovered something that made me extremely happy. I was /bind_save-ing a new keybind that I got from anasai and wanted to test it out. Well, I accidentally left off the parameter for the bind so City of Heroes gave me a list of all the parameters that can be used. Look at the list and you'll see why I'm happy. Life as a Warshade, Defender, Controller, etc just got a little bit easier.

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