November 14th, 2005

Sark, bad, snark

Where'd I go?

It seems that since I created my character, the face options have been moved around a bit, or something. When I went into Icon, and went to look at changing my costume, it had the wrong face (#1) and a charge of 1600 influence on the head. Resetting didn't change anything. I can, however (this is the weird thing), move the face over to the correct one (#4) and select the right scale default (average). Unsure of what was going on, I didn't go ahead and finish that change.

Then I did the costume #2 mission and unlocked capes and yes, slot #2 has that same default charge built into it. Now, I haven't used my 1 free costume change so I can go ahead and add a cape to slot #2 and reset my face and all that will be free. For slot #1, though, I guess I'll just have to pay the ~1600 or so to re-set the face. If I don't then I suppose when I unlock costume slots 3 and 4 I'll have to give myself a face job again, right? Am I missing anything with this weirdness?

In other news, I did Synapse's Taskforce today. Wooo. What a blast. I'll post links to screenshots when they're organized.

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PSA: It takes 4-5 mez attacks to break through a Brute/Tank/Scrap defense.

I had seen it mentioned on the CoH boards while reading someone's diatribe against (PvP)detoggling awhile back but hadnt really been focused on actually doing it myself (the consecutive mezzing) because I'm too busy running around hurricaning and ice slicking it =D Anyway...

On Triumph (zomg! toons on servers other than Virtue =P )some friends and I dust off some our 6 monthish old toons. Snow Bunni (whom I liked playing so much I re-rolled her on Virtue as Sappyre Frost) = 30 ice/storm, Frigid Damsel = 18 ice/nrg (@Julia) and Ravensky = 18 ice/something.

Someone nerf us cuz we tore through Brutes like buttah (not like they could hit with hurricane's -acc). Once they were held, it was a cake walk to smack the jebus outta them. Once the brutes are outta the way we had very few problems with the rest of villains. Slow for teh winz!

"powexec_name Snow Storm$$l Flyers? What Flyers"

God help meh... I'm becoming an addict to CoH PvP (open-zone style) =P
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taggin like mad

awesome that everyone is taggin entries. i updated the code so it doesn't show any tags in the tag list that have 0 count (if you add a tag, then change it later it stays in the list, but with 0 entries attached to it). lookin good. thanks
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How is experience split in a team? Is it even or do you get more if you damaged/killed them.

I ask because my tank seems to be levelling really slowly, and when I get a defender I'm worried they may not level up at all (I'm very much a support player).

On a related note, is there a costume that looks like a monk's habit. One of my characters was going to be a monk but I can't find a good costume.
City of Heroes

A little late but . . .

For those of you who are still miffed about ED, I thought I'd share this. I started playing Star Wars Galaxies earlier this month since my room mate wanted to try it out and we usually play MMO's together since it's more fun. Anyway, less than a week after we started they announced what they're calling "New Game Enhancements" being launched on the 15th of this month, less than two weeks after the launch of a new expansion (that you have to pay for). These enhancements have eliminated the games 30+ jobs and reduced them to 9, thus completely screwing anyone whose been working in one of the eliminated classes. There are some consolation prizes, but for the most part Sony is giving their costumers a big middle finger. Fortunately this doesn't affect me or my room mate very much since we just started.

So, to sum up the rest of what I have to say into a single sentence: It could be much much worse.