November 15th, 2005


Some observations in a post ED game.

My fiancee and I have been playing CoH since a little after launch. I used to like to play mostly tankers and scrappers with a few controllers and defenders thrown in the mix because it fit my play style better. I like to solo a lot but don't mind grouping with competent people.
ED came and I jumped through the hoops. I spent days on test with multiple tries at respecs there, scouring the web and asking friends for advice trying to figure out how to best respec my favorite character.. a BS/Regen scrapper. I finally found a build that doesn't make her suck. It isn't great but it's as good as she is going to get.

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A Statement Of My Own Ego

I have been asked for build/power/tactic advice by several people that seemed almost apologetic for asking. Let's clear something up:

I love to hear myself talk.

If you want build, tactics, or power advice, I will be happy to provide it. All you have to do is ask. It's not an imposition, it's a pleasure to get the chance to help people enjoy the game more. Feel free to post here, or to simply ping me in-game at @BitterCupOJoe.
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Posting my build for bittercupojoe and anyone else to tweak...

I have a 20 level energy/energy blaster on Virtue, developed post-ED. Here's the build (All are DO maxed out except where noted):

20: Stamina (1 EndRec)
18: Health (1 Heal)
16: Swift (1 Training Run Enh)
14: Fly (1 EnhFl, 1 EndRed)
12: Manuevers (1 DefBuff, 1 EndRed)
10: Sniper Blast (1 Acc, 2 Dam)
8: Energy Torrent (1 Acc, 2 Range)
6: Hover (1 Def Buff)
4: Energy Punch (2 Acc, 1 Dam)
2: Power Blast (2 Acc, 1 Dam, 1 EndRed), Power Thrust (2 Acc, 1 Dam), Power Bolt(2 Acc, 1 Dam, 1 EndRed)

Habit of Play: I like to team a lot. I try to keep in mind that NRG/NRG blasters get no love from tankers and scrappers for the knockback, so whenever I have the room, I hover over mobs and shoot down. If I don't have that luxury, I have a macro to change from hover to fly so that I turn on my Manuevers, fire 'Blast and 'Bolt as an opening volley, speed up to a foe, change from Hover to Fly, and start whaling away on Lieutenants and Bosses with Energy Punch and Power Thrust. I keep an eye on anyone with too much aggro, and anyone in the red with a mob on them gets a warning of an Energy Torrent coming their way to break up the dogpile...and I ALWAYS open up with a Sniper Blast after the tanker and the scrapper have landed their first hit.

I realize that pre-ED, most players took Hover and six slotted it to get a defense buff/3-slotted Flight equivalent...But I really wanted to get around faster, earlier, and I wasn't sure about how well 6-slotted Hover worked post-ED. Leaping just didn't seem the right selection for the character concept; I stepped around Speed for the same reason, in addition to wanting to develop Fitness didn't make sense at the time to set myself up for more Endurance drain, and I wanted more defenses for the toon if he was going to wade in to melee from time to time.

I originally intended for my next power to be Stimulant, from the Medicine power pool, as soon as I hit 22, but I thought perhaps I would ask opinions on the present and future build vis a vis performance in keeping with my style of play. I'm also tempted to try PvP, but not before I get Tactics to get the perception bonus.

And yes, I stepped around Build Up, Aim, and Conserve Power. I just don't know enough about how good those powers are as 2 minutes boosts in sync with my style of play.

Comments and opinions?
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Sprite Service Open for Business!

Mr. Fluffins like look of low-bit game sprite and so make custom ones!

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Gaming Laptops

Anyone here bought a new laptop recently for CoH or other gaming? Looking for recommendations on what kind of specs I should be looking for should I decide to upgrade from the word processing / check-a-the-email Lappy 486 type machine that I have right now.

Build input please

My toon, Daisy Diesel (liberty,@daisydiesel global) is a lvl 27 Stone/Energy tank. I like to be able to solo, but I want to be able to hold aggro when I'm grouping. I can solo ok, but slowly. Holding aggro, tho, is a problem now (whether it's post-ED or what, I don't know, and I don't much care the cause, I just want to fix it). I don't really notice much difference between when Hasten is up and when it's not, so I'm considering getting rid of it. Maneuvers seems pretty useless to me as well, so I'm willing to toss that in favor of something that'd help me hold aggro. Everything has lvl 25 SOs in it as far as enhancements go. Here's my current build:

Primary: Stone Armor
Rock armor: 3 defense buffs
Earth's embrace: 2 heal, 1 dmg resistance, 1 attack rate
Rooted: 2 heal, 1 end red.
Minerals: 3 slots, only one-slotted defense buff atm (just got the other slots last night)

Secondary: Energy Melee
Barrage: dmg, acc, end red, attack rate
Energy punch: same 4
Taunt: taunt effectiveness, range increase, attack rate
Bone Smasher: same 4 as barrage

Speed pool: Hasten--2 attack rates

Combat Jumping: 1 defense buff
Super Jump: 2 enhance jump

Hurdle: 1 enhance jump
Health: 2 heal
Stamina: 4 endurance modification

Leadership: Maneuvers--1 enhance defense buff

Any help would be appreciated. Basically I'm looking for hints on holding aggro while still being able to solo, and I've got a respec hanging around just dying to be used...