November 16th, 2005

COH Janus

Respecing my Main

I'm looking to respec my main toon on COH (Katana/Regen Scrapper) to a post ED build, ie: getting rid of things that don't work the way they did before. Now I don't have a I5 build, the build I have is still and I4 build. That's be cause Katrina changed my life forever and I didn't get alot of playtime between I5 and I6. Now I took Stamina along with Quick Recovery because I was going to run Intergration and Instant Healing at the same time. Well of course I5 nixed that idea. Now I'm looking at a toon who never before and an endurance issue, and very very little downtime in gameplay. I'm wondering if I should take the fitness line out and give myself more attacks? Or take aome useful pool powers to play with. I'll post my build later tonight if needed, but this is basically it, he's level 37, has 5 Katana attacks and every regen power up until that point. I run combat jumping and Intergration all the time and use Super jump as my travel. I also threw hasten in there for obvious reasons. Can ya'll give some suggestions?

Guardian badge attack!

I'll be running the War Wall Defender and Corruptor badge missions on Thursday starting around 6pm Pacific time. Shortly after that we'll be doing two AV missions...the final Envoy of Shadows and then Terra.

I'm sure we'll have extra spots, the only trick will be figuring out the SKing and exemping.
Puck (silly)

Cable vs DSL

I'm ready to jump ship on my current ISP. Right now, I have highspeed interent with the local cable company. At least, I have it about 2/3 of the time. For the past two months now there have been outages happening every two to three nights that knock me offline. I have a backup dialup account, but needless to say it's pointless to do anything besides check e-mail on a 28k connection.

So I'm thinking about going to DSL. And why am I posting this here? I just want to know how many other people who game regularly use DSL, and whether you're finding the connection speeds sufficient for CoH.

Thanks. :)

(no subject)

*walks in the room*
*stares at you*

/macro christ "powexec_name Levitate$$l The Power of Christ compels you, $target!!! The Power of Christ compels you!"

*/e victory*
*Ohnoes struts out of the room*
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PvP build!

Just wondering what you guys thought of this grav/emp build. I'm thinking of respeccing it out from my old build, which is also PvP but I don't feel it's flexible enough. I'll post both builds below the cut

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So yeah, comments?