November 17th, 2005

Newbie, CoH
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2 stupid questions

1) Help! My contact only wants to give me a Warburg mission. Nothing else. What the Dark? I didn't buy a PvP game. Much less a hero-gank-hero game.

2) Is there any way to turn off aura, except to switch to a non-aura alternative costume? I love my aura but it is kinda too conspicious at times.

It is my first ever aura! I sparkle like a true bishounen! But I don't want to distract the girls during ciritical missions...
Pai Mei
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Paragon City Soccer League!

Thanks to boyraceruk for inspiration in his own LJ post to city_of_heroes

For your consideration: The Paragon City Soccer League!

Only thing I'd have to figure out is a good villain to use as the ball, and which powers would work best for this type of "sport".
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Heartened by the costume competition I've been thinking about other kinds of competitions one might have in Paragon City.

There are the obvious ones, like a race around the city, or more exotic tasks for specific archetypes. I was thinking of a herding competition for tankers (you have five minutes to get as much aggro as possible, final score to be the sum total of all mob levels following you), and a damage competition for blasters (who _does_ hit hardest?).

Can anyone think of any more?
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New Cape, with the Quick Release Velcro

I am dithering on the design of my cape for my second costume slot. I posted some screenshots in my own journal here and based on friends' suggestions, I tried out a solid black long. Well, unfortunately, it kinda just blends in too much and didn't look that good. So, I'm looking for some more input.

Interestingly, after I finished running through the tailoring, it cost me nothing (as expected) and then said something like, "Cost for this session is waived. You have 1 free tailor session left." So, either they give out 1 per slot or a 2nd one accrued on Test. (The changes to my character's head were still there, by the way, and due to the need to change from chiseled to average 1 shape, it's a good thing the fee was still waived; the face slider costs an extra 24k for me to touch!)

ETA: tags and complete thoughts. :)
ETA2: Oh, according to the DevTracker, they just released another batch of free costume tokens this morning so if you had one before... it just got overwritten.
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Hi Everyone

I quit COH on Oct 26th, I was disgusted with the nerfs that were done.
I had worked on my fire/ice tank and on the 26th it basically became
useless. I would like to return to COH because it is the only
one of its kind out there right now. I have no interest in playing
COV right now, but have a few questions about it and how it
interacts with COH. Hope someone can help.

1) Since I only have COH can I enter the new zones, or
are they just for COV owners?

2) How else is COV intergrated into COH?

Thanks in advance to anyone that responds.