November 18th, 2005

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Personal request for help

I need your help.

My SG had a massive meltdown last night. The short of it is that we had to kick several members for griefing. One of the griefers was a SG leader who could not be removed. She re-added and promoted to leader the most disruptive of the griefers, who then proceeded to start griefing us by changing SG colors, kicking members, insulting us in the SG description and message of the day, etc.
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What I would like to ask from you is this: If you have any level 10+ characters on Virtue that are not currently part of a supergroup, feel that you can follow some basic SG rules (no griefing/ganking, no public channel smack talk, a few others), and would like to help rebuild the group while also giving us more eyes on the screen and fingers on the keyboards to report griefing by the former leader and her crony, I would very much appreciate it if you would send a tell to @BitterCupOJoe or @Karina. The Pack was, at one time, a powerful and respected supergroup, and either it or the SG that we are forced to create in order to resolve this issue can be again, with your help.

Thank you for your time.
The Pleiades

Thank you

Just responding to this post really helped me appreciate what a tight-knit community this group is.

Nobody's perfect and I made mistakes in that SG. ocyn can attest to it, but we've always tried to keep a cohesive and fun group. It's a game and a way to escape. Drama doesn't belong in it unless it's being roleplayed.
Sark, bad, snark

Are we having fun yet?

Hey gang, I had a thought. There is new content on the test server, a new trial that requires a supergroup base. Alas, that will cut out all of us who don't have CoV right there, but...

For those who do have it, what is going on is this: to test this trial, the Cathedral of Pain, they are giving supergroups formed on test 36 million in free prestige for base-building. The team will need to get some salvage to complete key components of the base which will then enable the raid. (Someone on the official boards said their group re-copied characters to dupe their existing salvage, which means that it might even be a no-issue if people come aboard with enough.) So, if you would like a chance to play with some of your pals on here, why not copy characters to test, form a temporary LJ-based Supergroup and give the trial a whirl? It's only the Shadow Shard (!) but you get auto-set to level 50 (!!) for the trial. And, if nothing else, free chance at base building if you haven't tried that before. The max # who can do the trial at once is 24; that's a pretty decent number of people.

I must stress, I don't have CoV myself so I'm not going to organize this but I hope some of you will take it as an opportunity to hang out a bit. :)

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Anybody know what is going on with the server status? I saw they were all down, but didn't see anything about when they were coming back up.

Anyone...I finally got some time off and I can't log in!

Officer Friendly

Thank you

Before anything else, I wanted to say that I am humbled and honored by the kind response of the community. Last night was probably the worst night either creamnsugar or I have ever had in CoH, and being able to vent and ask for help here was extremely therapeutic. To those who responded, thank you for your words. To those that did not, thank you for your forbearance.

The bad news is, basically, we lost. shadow_rouge decided to re-add and promote several of her cronies, essentially preventing any chance of us ever taking back the SG. Their asshattery is like a cancer that cannot be cut out, and I'm afraid The Pack is dying because of it.

But the good news! We have started a new SG, Champions of the Silver Age. Some of you who volunteered to swell our ranks in The Pack in order to gives us a "fighting chance" against them, and if you choose not to join the new group, I understand. It would, of course, be wonderful if you did, and all who answered our call are welcome. For those who are/were casting about for a SG on Virtue, please, message @bittercupojoe or @karina. We should be on for the rest of the night, and some this weekend.
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And that's it. Again, thank you so much for your overwhelming response. I cannot thank you all enough.