November 24th, 2005

Salvage List

There's a list of all the salvage in game running around, extracted from the pigg files, but it doesn't say what salvage is for Heroes and what is for Villains, and also Salvage is very buggy right now (Shivans don't give Shivan salvage, went through Moonfire without a single Wolf Pelt, Giant Octupus gives Amulets, etc). So I'm starting to compile a list of all confirmed in-game salvage. Here's a link to my current list; click on any item for the long description. Green: hero salvage; Red: villain salvage; Blue: both (I only have Hero salvage, though)

If you have gotten pieces of salvage not on my list, please let me know, either replying here, sending me a mail to , or via global message to @Just Leo (I'll appear as online always since I'm getting my hold badge inside a mission, so forgive me if you don't get a reply). What I want to know is:

1) Hero or Villain salvage (a lot of it is likely to be for both, just let me know if you're a villain and have salvage I list as Hero)
2) Name of the salvage; Tab it's in; the short description appearing in the help line. I can pull the long description from that list extracted off the pigg files that's floating around.

Preemptive answer to the unavoidable question "why the hell do you want a list of all salvage?": collecting purposes. Some of that salvage has really interesting descriptions, and I find collecting salvage just as valid as collecting badges.

I play only Heroes and only in Freedom, so if you want to dump some repeated salvage on me, let me know.