November 25th, 2005



Anyone know what percentage of your base value and percentage of your unspent Prestige is charged for base rent? 3%? 10%? 95%? Both the game manual and the new folder guides (for both games) continue to only refer to this unknown percentage. It'd probably be helpful to know it...

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Calling all Elves.. or, 'Tis the Season

Everyone knows that when it comes to Christmas, you want to be on Santa's 'Good' list. But have you ever wondered how that list gets made?

Well, research, of course, and the big man can't do it alone. He needs help -- especialy when it comes to sorting out the goods from the bads in a place like Paragon City. And so, with a little help from divinemissb, team Good for Goodness Sake was born (though not officially created yet) on Virtue.

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Meet Noelle the Elf (@psionique in the game) and Jingles (@kmkibble in the game). They started patrolling the streets of Paragon last night, but only have 5th level security clearance so far. So if you feel like helping them out, get on over to Virtue and create yourself an elf. They'd be more than happy to have the company.

(Red and white will be the team colors, and you must be under 5 1/2 feet tall to get on this ride.)

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