November 26th, 2005

Enchanted Light

Hey, Number Crunchers

We have learned that when you do give numbers, they need to be accurate enough so that players who do look at them are able to use them to make whatever calculations they want. (For example, the damage values in the chat window used to be rounded to an integer. This caused all sorts of player confusion, which we solved by showing a couple of fractional digits.)

But that doesn't answer your question on why we decided to show these numbers, does it? Perhaps it's because we understand the desire to see "real numbers" for powers and are moving (albeit carefully and slowly) in that direction.

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  • naeko

radeon 9200 problem & questions

I've got an ATI Radeon 9200 card, and I've never had any video problems with CoH before, but as of the most recent patch, I can't play at ALL. It works for roughly 5 minutes but then the screen just freezes for awhile, unfreezes very briefly, freezes, so on and so forth. I can't even quit correctly sometimes, because I can't get my mouse to the menu to do so, and hitting keys does nothing.

1. Anyone else have this problem and has it been reported on the boards?
edit: nm. From scanning the boards, I notice it seems to be all ATI cards; I had been under the impression it was just the 9800. Ah well. :/
2. Is there any way to effectively 'bottle' the time I have (I'm paid through mid Jan.) and save it for when I can actually play? At this point, my account time is completely wasted and it's really frustrating.
Little Og

(no subject)

I just made 40 last night, so it's time to start thinking about epic power pools. Any thoughts on which one of the tanker set is most useful? I was thinking about going with "Arctic Mastery" because of the whole "caveman" thing, but I don't want to hobble myself for character consistency either.