November 28th, 2005

clearly, there's something wrong here...

So after trying to find Serafina's stupid bottle (wondering to myself is she's been hanging out with Azuria too much), I ran across this little scene in the hospital. Apparently Paragon City doesn't bother with heatlh codes. Shame shame.

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Sometimes I wonder about this game...

ETA: Sorry, should've explained it a bit better. I just found it odd/slightly amusing that the woman had a ciggerette hanging out of her mouth in the hospital.
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Web of Arachnos Novel

I just finished the Web of Arachnos novel last night. I don't know if anyone else has read it but I was pretty disappointed. I don't want to give out any spoilers but these are just a few of my thoughts and opinions about the book.

The flushing out of Statesman's and Arachnos' origin was great, especially spelling out their connections from early in their lives and the events that gave them powers.

The writing, however, wasn't so hot. It's written about the level of "local community college grad."
*The prose was cliché'. The whole book seemed more like an outline for a much larger novel.
*The characters were also cliché'. I think I was supposed to care about these people more than I actually did.
*The dialog was practically non-existent and unrealistic when it was used.
*The events seemed rushed and glossed over. I got the sense that the writing was hammered out to make a short deadline. There were even editor marks left on a few words.
*Plot points that whole novels could be written about were introduced and completed in chapters only 4 pages long (i.e. Stephan’s secretary.) Actually, most of the plot points and characterization in the novel suffered from this.
*Some of the time period elements seemed to be thrown in for shock value. It was kind of Forrest Gump like without the charm of a handicapped man bumbling through them.

If you haven't read it, I'd say pass. There isn't a lot of useful history or back-story that isn't hinted at in the game or comics. I really wanted to like this book but it was just so poorly written that I don't have much positive to say.

two totally unrelated topics

fun with binds in a pvp environment
some of my favorite binds to use while fighting in the water (Bbay, Siren's)

/bind lshift+p "e does the pee pee dance over $target$$e drumdance"
/bind p "e pees in the water over $target$$e newspaper"

/bind t "e tickles $target"
/bind j "e donkey punches $target"
/bind lshift+j "e gives $target a dirty sanchez"

Needless to say, you can imagine what they do to me when if they've had a chance to wtfpwnt meh... of which I always respond with a heart =D

Any advice on what to do/not to do with an NRG/NRG blastah?
bascially, what are the staples to have and what are the ones to avoid.
I'm basically building R U Heelr for a PvP build.

I'm not too sure I wanna bring Shining Joule (23 elec/elec)into the Bay yet. Something doesnt feel right which is why I'm trying something else.


Oh, one other thing:
What is scourge?
Does it have a metre like Domination and Rage or is it more like a scrapper's crit... it's really annoying when I get hit by that =(
Desk 3

They're not coming to Town...They're here.

Good for Goodness Sake is now official. So if anyone out there was on the fence about running the streets of Paragaon City (Virtue version) as one of Santa's crime-fighting helpers, we've got a spot for you in the group.

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You can find me in game at @kmkibble75, or pop a tell off to @psionique.

(You must be under 5 1/2 feet tall to get on this ride.)
(Don't worry, this is the last notice.)