November 29th, 2005

Hamidon since ED

Question for people in servers other than Freedom:

Have you tried Hami raids since I6? What was the result? Freedom used to have daily raids in I5 (with only 2 failed raids after two months), but since I6 hit, we only managed to bring him down once. Mito phase isn't the problem; we can strip Hamidon of mitos just fine.

But holding him is a pain in the neck now. We have Hami sitting in the Hive alone since last night; two nights in a row we tried to hold him, two nights in a row we gave up after an hour of trying. We had plenty of holders, more than we used to need in I5.

How are the raids in other servers progressing? I'd like to know if you're having more luck than us. Lots of people sent petitions to lower hami resistance to holds to compensate for ED, but the answer is always, "NPC is performing as designed".
Way Out

Five tons of flax for GM_Jarrod,

who responded to my stuck-in-mission petition within a few minutes and sorted the situation out quickly and cheerfully.

I was doing part two of the two-part Council spy mission for The Radio, and to my consternation, a thorough search of the map for part two didn't turn up the spy. It was a small map, it didn't take me long to scour every corner, but after my robots and I had dealt with the regular mobs, we were the only ones there. I heard the spy say "Aw man, I gotta get outta here!" as I entered the last room, but he never appeared. At first I figured he got away - annoying, since I never even saw him, but livable - but if so, why wasn't the mission ending? The timer was still running; presumably that meant the game still thought I had a chance to succeed.

So I /petitioned it and sat down to wait, figuring the GMs were probably too swamped to get to me before I ran out of time - and only a couple of minutes later, along came Jarrod, who soon discovered that the spy had spawned someplace inaccessible - he couldn't get away, but I couldn't see or get to him. Jarrod dropped the spy into the playable part of the map, me and the 'bots mowed the spy down, and a happy ending was had by all (well, except for the spy).

So here's to you, GM_Jarrod! I wasn't really expecting anything but one of those polite emails, given all the moaning about GM response time lately, but along you came in plenty of time to make Gen. Rossum's day. Thanks!

P.S. Please tell someone who handles that end of things that that map is bugged. :)
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Newbie, CoH

Surprising things I learned this past weekend

1) The Moonfire task force is reasonably short and quite comfortable (but still not boring) when everyone is auto-exemplared. For this to happen, one of the participants must be level 28 when you start. I was told the valid range was 24 to 28. In our case, the leader was like 28.99 so was also auto-exed during the first mission. I don't really see the point in that, though, as xp is nice to have too. There is a badge, although I don't know if it is useful. Fun TF though, except for the crazy council maps. I hate council maps almost as much as thorn maps.

2) Evidently when fighting in SuperGroup mode, your influence is auto-converted to the SG currency (its name eludes me as usual, but you all know what I mean if you are in a SG). Starting somewhere before lvl 30 a small fraction of the inf is converted, and from 35 onward everything is. Or so I'm told, I am still only 32 with my SG character, but the influx of influence is already noticeably reduced. I may have to take some missions out of SG mode to make sure I can afford lvl 35 SOs when that time comes. Hmm, wonder if the salvage is converted from enhancement drops as well?