November 30th, 2005

Riot Red

And now a brief rant about the Portal Room



Defealt-all missions on Oranbega maps are a big enough PITA without having to go into that room and try to pound on Portals (that are spitting out whacked-conning fire-cows, btw). The portal room should, imnsfho, be optional and standard spawns shouldn't spawn in there. It should be there if people want a challenge, either solo (as I was), or as part of a team. It should not be a requirement. If I want to pretend the portal room doesn't even exist, I should be given that choice, even in a defeat all mission.

I'm perfectly content for a mission objective to indicate that one of these (please note, one of them, not 8) must be destroyed to prevent #include catastrophe.h, but in that case, there would only be the one that needed destroying. (Hmm, where've I seen a mission like that before... :P )

PSA: The first person who tells me I should've pulled together a team to deal with the portals, or that I shouldn't mind because the portals are good XP, can talk to the pinkie because the hand doesn't even want to hear it.

Random comic book arrival...

Yesterday in the mail I got a City of Heros comic book (issue 8, I think) where on the other side it's a City of Villains comic book (issue 1). It was in a clear plastic bag with my name and address on a label on the front.

I'm not sure why I got this. I don't know if it's a promotion or maybe my best friend set it up for me. It doesn't have a return address.

Did any of you guys get something like this in the mail?
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You guys NEED to listen to Evolution Radio on friday (2nd december) from 9pm. Why? Because I'm DJ'ing.

Throughout the night I'll be running costume competitions, quizzes, mini PvP tournaments and hide-and-seek in the PvP zones (particularly warburg) with influence prizes amongst other things. Unfortunately, because I'm a Defiant player, I won't be able to give out prizes on the other servers. Doesn't mean you can't enter, but you'll only win the satisfaction of denying a Deviant some influence. If you're a USA CoH player, you can listen too! Enter the quizzes and show us EU n00bs how wrong we really are!

Also, if you don't listen, I'll come to your house and stand outside, shouting and waving. Unless you live in the USA, because I'm lazy.

Edit: Website is 404'ing, so a direct link to the stream is here.