December 3rd, 2005

right tattoo

An up-and-coming Super Group on Union

If you would like a spanking new outfit on Union, please consider joining the Steel Legion.

The distinctive black and white uniform of our Legionnaires helped two of our number win the "Best Dressed Men on Union" award given by MD himself, earning us a nice cool half-mil to help you new players get all the enhancements you may need!

We are no 1337 players, our top man is only a level 24, but we're very good at what we do and almost always online.

If you are thinking of joining please contact Lord Fulcrum, Straight Edge, Jack Swift, Plasma.Fluke (or Tesla.Fluke, or Cyber.Fluke, or Remote.Fluke, the damned altoholic) or me, Boyhemoth (or Medi-Bot II), and run with us for a while.