December 4th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Broken badges?

Anyone else seeing a lot of badges in their inventory where the descriptions say things like "P2163548852"?

I seem to recall a CoT mage screaming something similar at me in King's Row back when I was just a lowbie. Old bugs never die, they just migrate.
Sark, bad, snark

I don't want to be in his HMO!

Today, I was trying to finish up the Vahzilok plague arc on my soloing character, Erydanus. I got to do such fun things as the Patient Zero mission on my own. When I got to the end of the arc, I was planning to sneak my way through the very end bit and finish it by clicking the glowies and bailing. But, the archvillain saw me so I popped every inspiration and gave him a good fight. With just a sliver of health left to each of us, he took me down. But, I hurried back and finished arresting him. That's right. I soloed Doctor Vahzilok.

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