December 5th, 2005

New to CoH!

Hi all.
I've been a member of this community for a little while now, even before I bought the game...but I just never posted. I finally broke down and bought it yesterday, and just started playing today. I can be found on the Freedom server as Forty Claws. Level 3 (haha) mutant scrapper.

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PUGS are fun(ny)

It is true, with the right attitude, (specifically "I don't care about debt or running through the Hollows or dance parties") a pug can be a great source of humour.

For example, I (grav/storm) got picked up at lvl 5 for some Hollows missions. Laugh and say Ok.

We're cruising along doing the arrest all mobs in x base and the lead is congratulating everybody but me on their gj and gw. Ok, whatever, I know I'm doing my part and earning my xp.

We're into the disarm two bombs and arrest gang leaders and their crews. Almost to the end and the leader pipes up with "Does anybody else notice the mobs acting wierd today?" I respond with "wierd how?" Collapse )