December 6th, 2005


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Any villains on Virtue:
my sg, The Android Alliance, is looking for some good members. We have a pretty solid foundation of dedicated members, but we'd love to expand our ranks. You can look me up (Pulse Legion, and Fission Reaction) or the other recruiters (AmDroid, Aquatic Android, and Mechno)
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I had a thought while in that twilight state when my body woke up but my brain was still asleep:

Imagine a big hi-rise hotel. Make it one of the giant atrium style ones so you can fly/SJ from the lobby floor all the way to the top. Hundreds of numbered hotel rooms line the balconies. You get a mission from a regular contact to meet an undercover detective in room 321. He informs you that a famous politician was murdered in room 456. You proceed there to search for clues, which give you the choice of talking to his mistress in room 777 or his campaign manager in room 888. A branching story proceeds from here.

You could work in combat with Family members, or make it a non-combat mission. Maybe melee builds get mobs to fight, squishies get clues to follow. I have no idea how this would work with teams, though.

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Just a quick list of channels you EU peoples might want to join:

-Global (yes, it's actually called that)
-DefiantMonsters (if you're on Defiant and want to know about GMs :P)
-Evolution Radio (channel for everyones favorite radio station)
-PvP (unsuprisingly, for PvP discussion)

It's been a long time coming, and it was kinda an anticlimax when it actually arrived too. At least we have it, though!


3 rants about CoV. You've been warned.

Rant 1: I was in Bloody Bay today on justice with my Robot/FF. Normally I love pvp and ussally have a blast, but today I ran into something that really pissed me off. They were /storm controller or storm/ defenders, i never had much time to tell, besides their normal storm debuffs they all had Hurricane. They would then surround me and knock me around, keeping me constantly in the air. I have personal force field so they had to keep me in the air till they could de-toggle it and start really blasting me. Normally I would have just thought that as cheap and moved on to other targets after I respawned. However after they jumped me doing the same thing 2 times after that I really got pissed. Before I was confused by what people were talking about when they said ganking in PvP, now i know.

Rant 2: Werewolf robot masterminds. I've seen tons of these. Werewolf characters that are also robot masterminds. I just really hate these, they make no sense.

Rant 3: Villians that are lv 40 already. THE GAME HAS ONLY BEEN OUT A MONTH! SLOW DOWN!

That is all.