December 7th, 2005



So I am playing COH's a couple of nights ago with Minimus and I was just having a blast in BB. I teamed up with this huge group of heroes and we stormed the COV base. We were taking them out left and right and even the Stalkers weren't getting much kills against us due to strong planning.

Anyhow, as the night became morning the group was left with just myself, another controller and some lvl 50 scrapper. Well I go to get my tanker, Mad Cow Man and when I get back and get reinvited to the group,I then start leaping to meet up with the rest of my teammates.

I see the scrapper fighting a master mind and being swarmed by all these ninjas. So of course I leap into the middle, taunt and start fighting. He starts telling me it's "1 on 1". Alright I leave. Then after it is done we decide to make our way to the villian base and attack. Well I start leaping and land on the docks. Suddenly the scrapper tells me " Incoming". I see the Master Mind Ninja guy from earlier coming my way. So I taunt him, hoping to draw his minions while the scrapper takes him out. Well needless to say I get my ass kicked because Scrapper boy just stands there and watch.

I am like WTF? Turns out he was chatting with the villian the entire time and the villian wanted some pay back for my "interrupting his one on one fight". Pisses me off. If they had told me before hand...grr....
P Dog

Level 50 Bug!

Wooo! It took over a year, but Bug Lightning hit level 50. So, gratz, Bug!

Now he can PL me to 50! We didn't get a picture as it took us by surprise. But, after a long journey he did it.

On an unrelated note I'm looking at doing the War Wall Badge mission soon-ish. Not an xp mission I think, but just to get the badge. Will be happening on Pinnacle. So, anyone interested either respond here or catch me in game @MsMinion. I've got 5-6 slots free if anyone wants the badge.