December 12th, 2005

Hugh/Van Helsing

Perhaps it's just the fact that it's late, and I really should be in bed, but...

I was playing CoH to check out the little Holiday Jetpack we get for the month, and I chat with my contact in Kings Row.

The mission I choose? - Defeat 10 Lost, check out neighborhoods Crowne Memorial or The Gish.

Who the hell are the LOST, and where the hell do I find them?

The description of the mission mentioned them breaking into businesses probably to steal goods, etc. So I went around and and in The Gish I found some dudes trying to get into a loading dock of some building. I kick all four of their asses. And nothing.

Help a tired, frustrated gal who probably just needs sleep figure what she's supposed to be doing.

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Graphics Question

Amidst all the other ATI woes, I have a small issue that I hate to even mention because it's almost cosmetic compared to some people's problems. Since the CoV graphic engine implementation, I now find night in most zones to be pitch black. When I beta'd CoV, night in Fort Mercy was so dark I could literally not see the tops of the walls. I had to shift the gamma setting super low, which washed things out very unpleasantly but at least let me see the floor. Now that the engine is in place, night in CoH is also very dark. Not QUITE as dark as the CoV zones (Bloody Bay, for instance, is also pitch black) but close. I suspect that overall CoV is supposed to be a *little* darker for evil emphasis, but whatever else is going on makes CoV unplayable at night and CoH unpleasantly playable at night.

Overall, the game runs for me but on Adriellyn's suggestions I dropped all my graphic settings majorly. I can now get a reliable 24ish framerate in most common zones like Skyway, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. (I got 7 FPS during a full-party Patient Zero mission Saturday night). I also thought that the darkness effect was diminished when I turned Bloom Lighting off. However, it's still pretty dark and I am playing on 80% gamma.

This could be something specific to my card or even my monitor, so I wanted to sound the community out before sending the devs comments about it.
Frozen Pyro(Triumph), Frozen Pyro(Exalted)

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sorry to spacenut3737for just dropping like that. My comp froze up >_<

Hopefully, these new 5.12 drivers will help out with that.

EDIT: Ok, well, the sorry goes to whoever plays Frozen Son (23 Tanker). I was pretty sure that it was someone from the LJ channel, but couldn't remember exactly who. I was Frozen Pyro, and we had just burned through 3 AVs, and had basically all left. I just kinda felt bad because i usually try to say goodbye before I leave.