December 13th, 2005

Read it. Do it. Kthxbai.


I have screenshots!!! Thanks for all your help guys! I'll post more pics if I get any that actually look cool. Lol. I play almost every single day...for HOURS! (With my boyfriend.) I just love this game. I'm SO addicted. I'm a level 34 Empathy Defender. So if you ever need a healer...Look me up!!!

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Yay! =)

First name heroes???

So this weekend I made a hero (Fidget, a DM/SR scrapper) on Triumph, and I was surprised by two things there.

1. Very little chat going on.

2. First name heroes, that are likely the name of the player. Like Tim and Megan, to name two I saw there. What the heck is with that? Is that the no imagination server or what?

EDIT: I meant no offense. I honestly had not seen this phenomenon on any other server. And it kind of amused me. That said, I did like the people I did run into on Triumph.
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R u s h was defeated by screenfreeze

In case my team partner on Virtue reads this thread: I'd invited a Defender called [something] Mage (sorry, name slips my mind at the moment) to help R u s h clear out a warehouse full of Council Mech Men, but before she could get there my screen froze. Since I'm playing this at a library, I had to restart the computer and lose my progress. There's not enough time to load the whole game again before the library closes, so I'm posting this so the player can read this and know what happened. This was a circumstance beyond my control.

-- Rushverse
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More Holiday Cheer

In case you let the sortof-monthly announcements go into your spam filter, there's been an update on the festivities!

Now that Miss Liberty has started giving out rocket packs (and Black Scorpion has hijacked some and is doing the same for the villains) plans are proceeding. Unsettled by the good Cheer, Lord Recluse is launching "Operation Scrooge" on December 15. Not one to back down, Miss Liberty is launching "Operation Holiday Cheer" in response. No exact details but it sounds like a special PVP event for the fate of the holidays!! (I don't blame Black Scorpion for passing the job up to his boss; if I were an evil villain trying to spoil a Superhero Mom's holiday plans, I'd be scared too.)

As the sounds of joyful holiday celebrations in Paragon City reach the shores of the Rogue Isles, Lord Recluse™ grows uneasy. Fearing that his destined ones will be lured away by the promise of a jolly holiday season, he has set Operation Scrooge into action. At his bidding, villains will soon begin to creep towards the peaceful streets of Paragon City, bent on making sure that no one has anything to celebrate.

Whiff of this nefarious scheme has reached Miss Liberty and she has organized a counter strike. No one will destroy her plans and so she sets Operation Holiday Cheer in motion.

But wait, there's more! A mysterious whacked-out third party called The Gamester has gotten wind of the feuding. Starting December 19th, the Gamester will unleash his "Holiday Festival of Fun" across both realms. And really, this Gamester guy sounds like a Riddler type -- exploding presents and that sort of thing.

So, what do you guys think? I'm not fond of PvP but I might go into one of the conflict zones for a special event. I mean, trying to keep me from getting a jetpack is one thing but if Arachnos is after toys for kids.... I WILL SMASH THEM FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!!!
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