December 17th, 2005

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There's something upsetting about finding oneself on the edge of giving up on a level 46 character because finding a team to get the bloody AV missions done is too much like work. (TBH, I think I've hit a point where I'm only bothering with MD because getting her four more levels gets me squid privilege.)

Somewhat set up us the bomb!

Anyone else shed any light?

Here in the EU, we just had our Union server go screwy. DBServer errors on connection, nobody can get on, apart from some people already on, and zoning seems to be an issue. Our forums are also majorly borked, with posts going missing, appearing, dissappearing, not updating the stats properly, everything under the sun.

From what I can gather, at least one of the US servers is the same way, as are the US boards.

Massive failure? DDOS attack? Anyone got any clue?