December 18th, 2005

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Anyone know if the Jewel of Hera mission is hosed? I just tried to complete it, ran around the entire map almost 3 times and have defeated everyone in it and no jewel. Also, there appears to be a "room" I can go in but I can't find the entrance to it.

I haven't sent in a petition because I have to go (RL stuff interfering again), but I wanted to check here with youse guys.

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Global Chat Down?

I was on Liberty when I lost LiveJournal and all other global channels suddenly, and my global friendlist. I logged in on Champion and it's the same there. Anyone else?

Edit: They're back up already.
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Grind? I see it when I believe it

Had a wonderful gaming night with my SG (Steel Justice, on Justice). In addition to fun, I also gained almost a level, from near 36 to near 37. This made me remember something that happened on Dark Age of Camelot. I think I see the same thing happening here, and earlier than it did there.

I had heard quite a bit complaining about the grind and slowness on higher levels, particularly the very last ones. But when I played my paladin on DAoC, I found that the speed actually picked up around 40. The reason was that I could team with people who knew my play style and I knew theirs. Plus, they were generally higher level than I.

I am a casual player. Not as in I don't care how I play, but I don't spend huge amounts of time. I have a job, I have two journals, and I play offline games as well. So typically I play a couple hours a day... more in the weekend, not every day during work week. This is far from enough to keep up with the students and unemployed young people, who can easily put in a workday's worth of play on a random Tuesday. This means that if I team up with someone at level 10, I come back the next day and he is 15. A week later he is at least 20, and I never see him again.

At 35, even if your comrade is foaming at the lips addicted to the game, he is likely to be no more than 36 the next day, and perhaps 38 after a week. This means you can still play without thinking about sidekicking. Besides, you have all your signature powers & others that are used daily. (For instance I now have 2 rezes including my signature mass rez, always a good thing in a large team.) Now, what happens when you're 35 and do the missions of someone who is 36, 37, 38? Yes, the xp (and prestige) rains buckets. The further they forge ahead, the more awesome the xp.

The key to this inadvertent strategy is to love being supportive cast. As a Dark Defender my role is quite different from the Paladin, on the surface. I should avoid tanking whenever possible. But apart from that, I basically do the same thing: I make my whole team harder to hit, I heal them continuously (if they don't stray too far), I resurrect when worst comes to worst. While I'm not the best there is at anything I do, I am useful in pretty much any situation, so I'm a safe bet to tag along. And of course, since I play to have fun and not to sell my character, I don't mind teaming with someone a little lower and even take a sidekick if needed. People tend to remember this, and they are higher level than me for much longer than they are lower level.

In conclusion: The key to leveling fast at higher levels is to just not care. ^_^
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