December 19th, 2005

Jesus Saves

Issue #8 is psuedo-released - Direct link to Issue #8 of the Top Cow Comic - Link to the directory.

Was browsing the Official forums, and saw that someone had stumbled upon Issue #8 sitting on one of Cryptic's FTP servers. It seems that they have multiple servers linked to to spread out the load, but those servers aren't always in sync with each other.

Going to the folder of this server shows that they have through Issue 10 posted of that version of the comic posted.

Just thought that I'd point this out for people.
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Weekend Adventures

This weekend I played a LOT of City of Heroes. More than I should have, really.

Here are some highlights:

My new electricity/energy blaster on Liberty, Core Spark, teamed up to save Christmas with @Rorarii's Ann3. After saving the holidays Ann3 stuck around for a while got Core's career off to a good start.

This is a portrait shot of my new grav/rad controller, Kid Physics. I had a couple name ideas but they were taken so I went with Kid Physics and tweaked his origin to make him the son (from the future timeline of a parallell world) of one of my usual cohorts, Mrs. Physics. He'll be playing with jetwolf's Folded Edge when they get the chance to meet up, so for now he's sitting at 6 with hover.

I tweaked Erydanus' costume colors slightly, along with adding a santa hat for the short term. I think the shades really work with the hat. After saving the holidays he went off and fought the Banished Pantheon to a standstill. (I soloed the Wheel of Destruction arc. That was .... fun, actually.)

Speaking of looks, Core Spark started with a slightly different one. However, he just didn't look quite the way I wanted him to in-game (for one thing, I messed with the face sliders and close up... it's not pretty...) and the colors are a bit off. The ONE real gripe I have with the chargen is that it's too dark and it throws off colors for me sometimes. It's just plain hard to use with dark colored costumes. Anyway, Core Spark is supposed to have a helmet but that'll actually wait until he gets his second costume slot.

I had a really annoying mapserver glitch last week. It warped me from a mission inside a warehouse on Talos to here. Freaky eh? The thing is, I'm actually inside a pile of boulders. Or, to put it another way, from one angle it looked like this (and yes, that's the bridge north of the Founder's Falls exit in Talos) but from another like this. I'm very happy that support sent me emails after the fact and let me know that all issues like this are being sent right to the Devs -- while I was there 5 other people got trapped. And the thing is, /stuck doesn't work because we weren't stuck IN an object, we were "trapped" somewhere inaccessible. (We were able to be teleported out normally; someone ran to the arena and invited us to a team match.)

I also got to play Guild Wars with azrael_the_muse, @Julia, and @Thornbusch while the servers were down on Saturday. Wheee!! I have screenshots of that too but forgot to upload 'em. ;)

Let's pick on other people's fun, m'kay?

So, there's a certain attitude I've seen since I started playing CoH, since I started learning what was what, and finding what worked for me and what I liked and what I didn't in the game. It's not a universal attitude, but it pops up here and there and, frankly, it pisses me off when I see it. I'm probably just as guitly of it, myself, but right now, it's Monday, I'm cranky, and I'm going to rant.

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Today whilst in the Row of Kings,
I came upon the strangest things,
A rusty trail of clockwork kin
all running after their Paladin.

My gosh, i cried, what a brute,
but before i did try to shoot
i yelled and tried to form a team,
but everyone was busy it seemed

i thought, this thing must be thwarted
lest innocent bodies be distorted
so again to allies i did yell
and did send out /tell /tell /tell

but it seemed that they were not super
and i forced into a silent stupor
read amazed the slow replies
of many excuse in diffrent guise

Does it give xp, does it give enhance?
Will it make the tailor change my pants?
sorry mate, not looking for team
fighting evil? im not that keen?

i tried to stop the thing myself
a dangerous action to my health
a tanker aided me in my fight
but in the end, thank gosh for flight

so when in need of help and saving
dont bother asking, or even waving
Just let evil thingies walk on past
and let civilians think 'Heroes my Ass'
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(no subject)

Ok, here's kind of an odd question, but hear me out. I just got World of Warcraft, and while I install the 5 discs (and then no doubt download countless millions of bytes worth of patches), I'm trying to decide which server to play on. As I was driving home, it occurred to me that I should go looking for a WoW community on LJ, but then it hit me just how much this community means to me. It's one of those things where you don't really realize what you've got til it's gone, I guess.

Anyways, I was wondering, if any of you play on WoW, what server?