December 20th, 2005

western civilization

One Night in Paragon...

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Funny story. I was in Peregrine, doing what everyone was doing. Trying to get the Cold Warrior and Toy Collector badges (which I did, BTW). I teamed up with another hero, one from this esteemed community. We're grinding away, when over the team channel, I read 'I'm stuck under the pier'. He had tried /stuck to no avail. Now, here I am, fighting valiantly to exorcise 'Under The Boardwalk' from my mind, and failing miserably. Then I read 'I'm FREEEEEEE!!! - My jingle jets got me out'. Great. NOW I have Under The Boardwalk and a 70's porn merging in my head. I love this community. I've dome MMO before. but this counts in my top 10 giggle-moments being a superhero.

*Note: I have edited out the name of 'Jingles the Superhero'. Not because he might be embarassed, because it makes the story all the more dramatic.

Thoughts on temporary special events...

This isn't quite a rant, but it might veer towards it now and then.

I've got a love/hate relationship with temporary events.

I love them because they add something to the game that's not going to get too old or too boring because it's only there for a little while. They give me a chance to do something different for a bit before I go back to missions. Oddly, I hate them for the same reason, because they're only there for a little while.

In part, I'm a badge whore. I'll freely admit that. And I want to collect badges. I'm also an alt-a-holic. These two instincts collide at a time like this when you've got two "do X" badges you can get. And in my "must get X badge for Y character!" I end up negating the thing I love about temporary events because that's all I'm doing during those temporary events, racing to beat the clock so I can get as many of my toons X as I possibly can before X is gone.

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