December 21st, 2005

Officer Friendly

OMG L337 H4X!!!11!

So apparently the City of Heroes game servers got hacked last night. It's unclear whether it was simply a case of bad network/password security or a deeper underlying issue, but the former seems more likely, given that the issue was fixed rapidly. For those that weren't in the middle of it, some joker got onto some of the servers and started rebooting them, after first referring people to his website.

Anybody on one of the servers at the time care to flesh out the details?

[Edit: The devs have confirmed that it happened and that it has been fixed. Also, no credit card/account info was exposed.]

Winter Horde question...

Last night I was taking my 50 blaster on a continuous loop around Peregrine Island opening up gifts to get the Toy Collector badge (which felt like it took forever). Anyhow, I know that the naughty presents will spawn monsters around the zone's enemy level, which is fine, but my question is this. What determines whether I'm going to get 3 Level 40 Frostlings, or 6 Level 50 Frostlings, 3 Level 50 Blights and 1 Level 50 Snow Beast? And it wasn't just in certain parts of the zone. On the island to the East of the ferry, where Crimson is, I managed to receive the level 50 group, and also in one of the presents next to Portal Corp. And I hate being that hero that just leaves a mess to clean up, but the 50 mobs managed to take me down more than a few times.

Just wondering!
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base questions

I am about to purchase the workshop table for my SG Base. ( already have the power, energy, & medical bay with transporters).
If I buy an advanced table will I still be able to use the receipes from the basic and middle ranked tables?
Would I need to buy basic for basic items , middle table for medium items, and advanced only for advanced?

( over all not bad for 6 playes with 2 alts each)
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