December 27th, 2005


playing alt genders

This morning my pick-up team got on a discussion about playing other genders on COH. I myself, male, have a few toons that are female. This all started when someone referred to a female toon as a guy. I'm at the opinion that I don't care who is behind the PC as long as they are playing well and are not causing strife in the team. How many people play alt genders and what do you think about it?
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And again.

Yesterday, while my brand-new copy of CoH was installing, I downloaded Prima's eGuide and worked up the various basic archetypes' starter builds (as recommended by said guide) in Hero Builder. I seem to be creating them one per day.

Yesterday was Bouncing Betty's turn. Today, I unleashed Genshi no Kage (Shadow of the Atom), a rad/dark defender, on Protector. He's already pulled ahead of Betty (she's L3, he's L4).