December 28th, 2005

Behold! another n00b enters the community

Hey, just recently picked up both CoH and CoV, and really enjoying it. So far I've got a lvl 9 Fire/Invul Tank (Krish) and a lvl 8 Spine/Regen Stalker (Orochi Krish) on the Justice server. I'm sure I'll figure out how I should distribute slots eventually. :P

Oh, and people to group with are always welcome. Global tag is @Krish
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Baby's first mapservering...

...happened to me while Bouncing Betty was flying around GC. I created Atomu Tenshi, the illusion/rad controller (on Champion, I think), and got her to L3 before running into a mission somewhat above her strength (into the sewer to rescue Michael Cooper, or rather, to get immediately zerged by roughly six zillion and thirty-two Cadavers). So I switched back to Betty and got her to L4. I left her in the Kings Row tram station, preparatory to a meeting with Linda Summers.
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The Holiday Express

Please forgive me if I have missed this information elsewhere, but...

Does anyone know if the free tailor's session will expire with the other holiday goodies?
Does anyone know when the jetpacks and present missions will actually end?

I have been torn about these presents missions. On one hand, it is hard to resist free stuff! And the experience was really good when I first started doing those missions (with my lvl 25 we were getting 444 XP for each present opened, but that seems to have changed and now it is no XP?) On the other hand, I spend so much time on each one of my toons in the character creation process that I haven't really wanted to change their original costume. And from what I could see, you don't get a new costume slot, you just get a free session to change the original. So...when I think about which of my toons I would want to change, I get stumped. Sure, there are some I don't play often and could probably figure something out, but my favorite ten+? Nah, I like them just the way they are. :-)

Tonight we are trying to figure out which alts to play, if we should bother doing these missions and how much time we have left to use the jetpacks to do other missions and get our lowbies up to the travel power stage. Any information and advice is really appreciated. Thank you!
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Is my connection stupid or is something wrong with CoX?

I haven't been able to get any connections in two days except once. That one time was spent rubberbanding all over the place. :-(

Anybody know anything I don't? Thanks! :0)