December 29th, 2005


Tech Help?

I finally updated and have more RAM.
Problem is, now the computer doesn't work.

I get through login and server selection without issue, then on the character select screen, the graphics go all wonky and CoH either crashes, or the entire computer reboots.

I don't think it is the memory, as nothing else is having an issue, but when I was doing a system diag to see what memory I needed, a direct x control was downloaded and i think that might be it. DxDiag does not show any direct x components from the date that that happened (yesterday)

Any ideas?
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Ah, the wonders of DoT...

...specifically, of my fire/ice tanker's Blazing Aura. (Elemenstor, on Triumph. And if Red Scorpion, or someone who knows him, is reading this: yes, the name is a Penny Arcade reference, but by the time I'd noticed that [a] I'd been sent a tell and [b] it was referring to me, RS had logged off, so I couldn't reply direct.)