December 31st, 2005

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Anyone know a good SG on Champion?

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I've been a little down on the game since my old SG fizzled but I know that there are good ones out there. If anyone knows of any please let me know! My main on Champion is Anger Girl, my global name is Andolyn.

Forge the Blackwand

Duno if anyone's said this because I havent been watching the community. Oh well.

Villain mission, around level 28-30 I guess. Given by Tarixus. Last mission in the arc, Forge the Blackwand. Its in oranbega. Two mission objectives: Forge the wand, Defeat the Demon Attack.

There are several portals in the mission. They summon demons. I thought this had something to do with the demon attack in the objectives. So I died five times trying to take out all the portals.

There is a glowie/clickie in the water pool at the bottom of one of the rooms. Click it, and demons run toward you. Its an insanely easy fight. I take a little solace in the fact that it might have been so easy because I took out all the portals, but I doubt it. The portals were spawning 20 yellow-con demons at a time. This is after I lowered my rep to villainous. I died at least once for every portal. Anyway, my advice is if youre soloing, avoid the portals and go right for the room that has that cliff, where you drop down into the water with the waterfalls? The clickie is in the little altar area, and then the demons will run to you. One yellow hellfrost and a blue spectral demon. This is what I died five times to find out.

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After a quick fight in Siren's Call a button is depressed
/macro pwn e Hey look, $target! There's your picture beside the word PWNT in the Wikipedia dictionary!$$e research

/leaves room
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Looking for Ice tanker suggestions

I finally bit the bullet and created the ice tank I've been wanting to for a while; Kolai Pyresmelt is an ice/energy melee tanker, currently at lvl 5, on Virtue.

Both these sets are new to me, and I was playing around in Hero Planner trying to come up with something that fits everything I wanted in. I'm fairly sure I'm going to have to respec to remove Energy Punch, an important tool right now, at some point for Energy Transfer.

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