City Of Heroes
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Featured Hero #46
Name: Doug the Troll
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Tanker
Primary: Invulnerability
Secondary: Super Strength
Server: Justice
Doug was once an overweight teenage boy who wound up in the wrong crowd. He was hoping for acceptance from his peers, but got it in a way he never imagined. At one particular party, Doug was held down by several party goers and injected with a lethal amount of Superdyne. It nearly killed him. Instead, Doug wound up becoming one of the strongest (or strongerest, as he puts it!) trolls in all of Paragon City.

Considering the dose injected, Doug is permanently stuck in his form, but has sworn off superdyne for good. Instead, he has gone on a quest to either prevent anyone else from falling into the trap of becoming a troll...or helping the healing process with previous superdyne users.

While some may believe Doug to be just a big smelly troll, his heart has always been in the right place.

Just don't get too close to his feet.

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Nick Piers [userpic]
Dougtoberfest '07!

Doug have two words to describe Dougtoberfest:


Seriously, I figured it would be a good turn-out but this kind of turn out? I was amazed. We had a dozen trolls or troll-like characters, Justice Radio representin', the first ever all-troll mosh pit and the Anti-Doug!

Let's get to the pics. Beware, this is not dial-up friendly as there are at least 20 pictures behind this cut.

First! The trolls! In all their glory. Oh, and there were ogres, goblins and dwarves, too!

Next! The PAR-TAY!!!

At one point during the dancing and joking and Dougisms, a discussion broke out on what the anti-thesis for Doug would be. He'd probably be well mannered, well kept, etc. I was snickering at what an anti-thesis or mirror universe version of Doug would be like. Little did I know that I'd soon find out, exactly.

Several people joined the party, some asking what exactly was going on. When most found out that it was for Doug, they immediately said "Oh, okay!" and joined in. One idiot kept saying "What's so great about Doug!?" What was hilarious is that nearly every single person at the party spoke up, defending Doug.

Justice Radio came on hand, playing several songs in dedication to Doug (including Doug's fave song, "I Like to Move It Move It" (which I'm sure isn't even the actual title of the song, but you know what one I mean!) and joining into the deluge of heroes coming to get down and funky with the Funky One.

There was even the first ever all-troll Mosh Pit!

Several people were deathly afraid of being squished like a bug.

But then...the unthinkable happened.

The Anti-Doug

British accent and all, the Anti-Doug left me laughing so hard that I couldn't do ANYTHING. I had to actually stop typing, I was laughing so hard. This was, by far, the last thing that I ever expected to come across in this game. I was dying! Though I continued snickering heavily, I managed to get a bit of roleplaying for Doug's reaction to the situation:

"Oh, Doug god."

Yes, Doug was completely speechless and less coherent than ever. The Anti-Doug was eloquent, using better grammar than 98% of the CoX community.

Well, what other kind of reaction could the party-goers have to everything that's the opposite of Doug? At a party in celebration all that is Doug?

We beat him like a rented mule.

Ah, but after some good, wholesome conversations...

A spot of tea...

And a double curtsey...

We rejoined the party where the Anti-Doug cut a rug and got down with his bad self.

Oh, and Doug lost to a game of rock/paper/scissors. Doug always goes with rock. (It am never fail before!) But the Anti-Doug knew this!

Shortly after that, I said goodnight to my wonderful party (with the troll population dropping by the minute, I saw it as a sign that the party was coming to an end) and logged off.

Greatest. Night. Am. Ever.

Current Mood: ecstatic ecstatic

Aww! Reading all these posts reminds me as to how great the CoX community really is, and without it, well, I surely would have left.

Grats again on hitting 50! The party looked to be quite the event! ;)

Must... bind key... for... Tea drinking!

Damn, wish I could have been there. I might have to make someone to hang out with you sometime Doug.

BTW - how do you do the teabag thing? I have a character named Earl Gray after the tea who needs that badly!

/e teabag

Damn good times, big guy.

I'm SO bummed I missed it! Gratz again =)


Can I say I sincerely hope that this isn't the end of the Doug posts? Doug's gentle lunacy always gives me a much needed laugh. I'm still up for the "Doug for Mayor" campaign!

That was, without a doubt, the greatest thing to happen under Atlas statue EVER. Your celebration was magnificent... as was the mosh pit :)

I knew that Doug-inspired troll I made on Justice ages ago would come in handy. Stupid work... made me miss the Anti-Doug. *sigh*

Delighted to have been able to render poor Douglas speechless. ;) Cheerio!

(Philip am had good time, too!)