Nick Piers (thatnickguy) wrote in city_of_heroes,
Nick Piers

The Big Campaign Begins Here!

*Doug stands up on a platform.* Ahem.

Doug fellow hero-people. Doug think it am time to clean up city. Work am done on Faultline, but where work on Hollows? Hollows am in much worst shape, Doug think. And trolls! Look, Doug am only one troll stuck like troll. But there am lotsa good people out there that Doug think could use help. Why there no troll rehabilitation? Yup, no look so shock. Doug learn big word just for this! Trolls like breaking stuff, yah? Why no them put work as bouncers? As demolition? Ooh! Put trolls on front line! Put them in funny place with floating rocks! Doug bet them do good job there, work with army guys!

Child care! Lotsa mommy and daddy heroes out there fighting. Am have to leave kid at home. That no right! Why Mayor no set up child care for mommy heroes? Mayor guy not doing good job.

So, Doug have this to say.

Vote Doug for Mayor!

If Doug am voted Mayor, Doug promise to wash feet. This first time Doug ever do this in three years!

It am American (and Canadian! And other places!) things to do!

Tags: doug the troll
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