Nick Piers (thatnickguy) wrote in city_of_heroes,
Nick Piers

Doug on Vacation!

((My account expired about a week or two ago. I played it incredibly sporatically over the last month or two, so taking another break. Yeah, like that'll last long. =p In the meantime, I have a boatload of screenshots back logged that should be worth at least a couple of posts.))

Drama? Drama?! AM DRAMA?! No! No am drama! Doug fix that up right now!

Doug am here! Well, Doug not here, but Doug here for right now. See, Doug am on vactation! It hard work being Doug, you am know. Doug have to make token appearances under big man holding ball, Doug have to take request to am turn into Super Doug, Doug need to join team to make sure Doug teammates survive, Doug need to stand in mission and am let baddies try to hit Doug while friends beat up bad guy.

Whew. It hard work, Doug tell you! So that it! Doug put on tourist outfit and Doug go on vacation!

Here Doug am under man holding big ball. Doug swear Doug stronger than man holding ball, but Doug no ever test out. Doug love hanging out under man holding ball. Doug dance it up, help with am costume contests ('cause if Doug ever join contest, it no fair to everyone am else), stick stinky feet in faces and burp in faces. Whew. Just am thinking about this make Doug tired for all hard work. Us move on.

Here Doug in front of Doug favorite contact of all time...Doug FIRST contact ever! Doug go on to be biggerest and famouserest of all time, Doug no ever forget little people that get Doug there. Like this guy! Um, Doug forget name. Yup, Doug no ever gonna Guy!

Ooh! Julius! Him besterest troll ever, second to Doug! Him help Doug through hard times. Like time Doug get upset when Doug think Doug getting too popular! Doug worry Doug become more popular troll than Julius. Doug and am Ju-Ju (that what Doug call him) have good cry over that. What?! Trolls am have feelings too, you am know! Doug no afraid to admit Doug shed tears and stuff!

Here Doug in Perez Park! Doug go. Doug hunt. Doug make friends with Skulz! Doug hope this am no one's car, though. survive party.

Here am where Doug stay while Doug in Perez Park. It no bad. Nice view of lake, right downtown for Doug shopping needs, lotsa jelly guys to beat up. Yup, it no five star place, but it work for Doug.

Arena place! Where Doug beat up lotsa fellow heroes in name of good cause: that Doug am besterest troll of all. am know, when Liz beat up Doug. But that no count 'cause Liz am slightly more awesomerest than Doug.

Here am Doug in front of end of last Doug mission Doug do before vacation. Doug team with lotsa other people from LJ, like Liz and um...that guy, with the hair. And um, whatshisname and...Bob. Yeah, Bob! Doug no ever forget Bob!

Someone am take picture of Doug while Tourist Doug take picture!

Ack! Look at time! Doug have to go. Doug gotta go before Doug turn into pumpkin!

Am frick! Too late.
(Author's Note: This is NOT photoshopped. Doug really does turn into a stinky pumpkin!)
Tags: doug the troll
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