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What is(are) your global name(s)?

Please respond to this post with only
  1. your global name
  2. which client you use (NA or EU servers) (note: I don't care about what server you play on, just NA or EU)
  3. your subscription state (active/inactive)
    • [optional] if you have more than one account, your 'main' account
If you are playing on EU servers, feel free to list your GMT+ or GMT- time. If you are playing on the NA servers and do not live in United States or Canada, feel free to list your GMT+ or GMT- time.

If you live in United States or Canada and play on the NA servers, don't worry about listing your time zone, because it's not terribly hard to schedule between East and West Coasts. :)

... keep the replies to other comments to a minimum. I want to make an easy-to-update list and if folks start chatting, the data gets lost. :)

NOTE: I have special permission to delete comments from this post after I've updated the post with the information, and to remove replies. I am leaving the mod comments undeleted below.

Thanks to kviri for the alphabetization of users listed before 9/1/2009. :)
LAST UPDATED: 03/24/2010 9:00am Pacific
LJ UsernameCity Global Handle (NA Client)
aberranteyes@Bouncing Betty (active)
amaryssobellus@Amarysso (active)
andrew_jp_reyes@andrewjpreyes (active)
anthoras@Epsilon Omega (active)
archmage@Archmage Chaos (inactive)
arshermetica@CubbyPork (active)
ash42@Ash42 (inactive)
atia_julii@Alexandria2000 (active)
auric_merciless@ed-201 (active)
auroraniteshade@Aurora Nightshade (active) GMT+1
baisleac@Siberian Spring (active) & @SiberianSpring (active)
balorn@Balorn (active)
beamishboy@IceWorm (active)
beled_el_djinn@EmilySiren (active)
bigangry@BigAngry (active)
biomekanic@Oroborous (main, active), @Oroborous2 (active)
blackpaladin@Night-blind (active)
bladededge@bladededge (active)
blh120@blh120 (inactive)
bocaletti@Archera (active)
bubbawheat@Bubbawheat (active)
buddhabear@buddhabear (active)
bunny_m@Bunny M (active) GMT+8
celiaelani@Celia Elani (active) GMT+1
chaosvizier@Recyclotrix (active)
cicipsychobunny@CiCi the Psychobunny (active) GMT+12
cloneboy@Atomitor (active)
cmdr_zoom@Megajoule (active)
cmot_dribbler@Dribbler (active)
cmzero@Flamemaiden (active)
coldironkiss@Captain Bishie (main, active), @lolhero (inactive)
coph_nia@Coph Nia (active)
cptgreedle@CptGreedle (active)
smiley_cow (sister)
@thea anastasis, @benedict jones, @oxomoco, @crantz (all active)
crossfire@Howler (active)
cstuck@CrashTofu (active)
culturalvacuum@Crunchbird (active)
cyranolerapier@Kittsman (active)
daehith@Tam Lyn Carter (active)
damagedvoicebox@Epelesker (active)
darkrosetiger@Rose Noire (active)
bryce@Deuco (active)
deathtopoetry@Wise (active)
demonicgerbil@Reisma (active)
derekl1963@Doc Scorpion (active)
distortedverity@Kuro Sakura (active)
divinemissb@Psionique (active)
dkellis@DKellis (active) GMT+8
doctor_toc@Scarab Sentinel (active)
doorslam@doorslam (active)
draakchaos@Draeconeia (active)
dvandom@dvandom (active)
ebenbrooks@Archimagos (active)
elvnsword@Enforcement (active)
eryntzun@eryntzun (active)
evil_overlord@Frygyd (active)
fault@Fault (active)
feralbear@fearalbear (active)
fistlaw@fistlaw (active)
fizrep@Quantum Evil (active)
foomf@Foomf (active)
fredchook@Sir Frederick Chook (active)
frozencapybara@frozencapybara (active)
frozenrhino@Flux Faraday (active)
furryjackal@SnowJackal (active)
furrysaint@MidnightJack (active)
gatorclix@The Gator (active)
gchpaco@Ishitawa Goemon (active)
greyduck@WoodsCutter (active)
harkonnen1@Shade of DMH (active)
i_fart_bats@Atomic.Cupcake (main, active), Combichrist. (active)
ihcoyc@Heraclea (active)
irishninja@kajiblaster (active)
itlandm@Itland (active) GMT+1
jackolantern@Jack O'Lantern (active)
jadecanary@Goldstar (active)
jaegamer@gamerchick (active)
jareth_gk@JeremyM (active)
jdotmi@Jdotmi (active)
jillbamfette@Raye Gunn (active)
kellzilla@Aggelakis (main, active), @kellzilla (inactive)
kin_thalas@KinThalas (main, active) GMT+1
Kin_Thalas' daughter@Skadi (active) GMT+1
kioku_jonny@Kioku Jonny (active)
kitchenqueen@MissPicklechips (active)
kowh@Kowh (active)
kviri@Kviri (active)
kwsapphire@kwsapphire (active)
kylanath@StormVyxen (active)
kylejcrb@Dixileta (inactive)
ocean_star@ArwenDarkblade (active)
lawgoch@Elder Chaos (active)
linenoise@LineNoise (active)
lyme@Lyme (active)
mahdi@skyborn (active)
mantlcore@Penguina (active)
mary_contrary@Caro (active)
medic_brietz@brietz (active)
megotelek@Freckled Avenger (active)
miintikwa@Miintikwa (active)
mikesmith0706@QuikFury (active)
missingvolume@bluebelle19 (active)
mistressbellona@Lithe Bellona (inactive)
mouser@bland (active)
mr_rbbr_spatula@Hospy (active)
mselfie@-Em (active)
naeko@Lady MoRawk (active)
negatewriter@Ophite (active)
neintales@neintales (active)
corporis_ossa@Ms. Lisette (active)
noisyparker@Second Chances (active)
nyankoframe@Kitten Basket (active)
nykeyoung@Nyke (active)
obake@coffeekraken (active)
oddball79@Cro Eris (active)
one_m0re_sun@bumblebees (active)
optimusklein@OptimusKlein (active)
palndrumm@Six (active) GMT+10
patrickat@PatrickAT (active)
peter_lorax@Lorax (active)
pheret1@Pheret1 (active)
pyrria@RedTail (active)
qayne@ericis555 (active)
quasadu@Quasadu (main, active), @QuasMonkey
rian_al@Noi Kino (active)
ringwoodcomics@Ringwood (active)
robotech_master@Purramedic (active)
rogh_sensei@Caligdoiel (active)
rokkandy@Bricktastic (active)
salacious_pop@SalaciousPop (active)
samurai_ko@Samuraiko (active)
seidoo_ryuu@Seidooryuu (active)
peartreealley@yuki-chan (active)
shadesiren@Shadesiren (active)
shadow3397@Shadow3397 (active)
shadowwolf13@Spancia (active)
shamsheeraa@Shamsheeraa (active)
shewolfe@Wyrd Witch (active)
sigil@Jack Virgo (active)
skachick_101@Hot Mamma (active)
snobahr@SnoBahr (active)
sorien@Goblinn (active)
spacenut3737@SpaceNut (active)
spectreblade@Spectreblade (active)
spyderqueen@Winged Murasaki (active)
staxxy@SuperStaxxy (active)
swwinchester@Incredible Lag (active)
syko1096@Syko1096 (active)
syrusb@Liz (active)
tancorix@Lady Rache (active)
tangentsferret@Sister Electron (active)
unknown (S.O. of tangentsferret)@Erinlefey (active)
tanyad@Mondo Man (active) & ShinKuso (active)
tarq@Lemmo (active)
technocowboy@technocowboy (active)
terrycloth@Ferrific (active)
themadman@The MadMan (active)
tmcmillan@FireBuhnee (active)
tuva_f_sims@Swiss Army Wife (active)
twen@Azraphael (active)
tychesecho@Tyche's Echo (active)
tygenco_x@Tygenco (active)
vaxjedi@Vacendaque (active)
veazey21@Veazey (active)
voxen@Voxen (active)
vulpoid@Renardine (active)
wardenda@wardenda (active)
willnobilis@Shukuji (active)
winifred@Brawler Barbie (active)
wolfieboy@torin23 (active)
wyndie@Maize Witch (active)
xany@Xany (active)
yodanxd@SolarSentai (active), @LunarSentai (active)
zzzzsleep@ZzzzSleep (active) GMT+10
LJ UsernameCity Global Handle (EU Client)
amazonlenina@intussusceptor (active) GMT+1
ashuroa@ashuroa (active)
digitalraven@IronFrame (active)
fechtbuch@Librarian (active) GMT
hollso@hollso (active)
misguidance@Guide (inactive)
rojodiablo@House Byir (active)
solarsenshi@Pinku (active)
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