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Featured Hero #83
Name: Frost Petal
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Primary: Ice Control
Secondary: Storm Summoning
Server: Freedom
By: [info]wyndie
You do not believe in faeries? Frost Petal say believe in faeries! *clap clap clap*

I have many uses, many tools. Frost Petal is rider of storm and controller of ice! I help you slay dragons and trolls and wizards and orcs! Nastybad bigthings that creep and crawl. Punysmall badthings that bump and bite. You need my helpstuffs! What not to like? I make them slow and stupid! I make them fall down go boom! I trap them like ice cubes! You get cutcut, I make better! Frost Petal make sure nastybad bigthings and punysmall badthings don't come back!

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LJ UsernameCity Global Handle (NA Client)
aberranteyes@Bouncing Betty (active)
amaryssobellus@Amarysso (active)
andrew_jp_reyes@andrewjpreyes (active)
anthoras@Epsilon Omega (active)
archmage@Archmage Chaos (inactive)
arshermetica@CubbyPork (active)
ash42@Ash42 (inactive)
atia_julii@Alexandria2000 (active)
auric_merciless@ed-201 (active)
auroraniteshade@Aurora Nightshade (active) GMT+1
baisleac@Siberian Spring (active) & @SiberianSpring (active)
balorn@Balorn (active)
beamishboy@IceWorm (active)
beled_el_djinn@EmilySiren (active)
bigangry@BigAngry (active)
biomekanic@Oroborous (main, active), @Oroborous2 (active)
blackpaladin@Night-blind (active)
bladededge@bladededge (active)
blh120@blh120 (inactive)
bocaletti@Archera (active)
bubbawheat@Bubbawheat (active)
buddhabear@buddhabear (active)
bunny_m@Bunny M (active) GMT+8
celiaelani@Celia Elani (active) GMT+1
chaosvizier@Recyclotrix (active)
cicipsychobunny@CiCi the Psychobunny (active) GMT+12
cloneboy@Atomitor (active)
cmdr_zoom@Megajoule (active)
cmot_dribbler@Dribbler (active)
cmzero@Flamemaiden (active)
coldironkiss@Captain Bishie (main, active), @lolhero (inactive)
coph_nia@Coph Nia (active)
cptgreedle@CptGreedle (active)
smiley_cow (sister)
@thea anastasis, @benedict jones, @oxomoco, @crantz (all active)
crossfire@Howler (active)
cstuck@CrashTofu (active)
culturalvacuum@Crunchbird (active)
cyranolerapier@Kittsman (active)
daehith@Tam Lyn Carter (active)
damagedvoicebox@Epelesker (active)
darkrosetiger@Rose Noire (active)
bryce@Deuco (active)
deathtopoetry@Wise (active)
demonicgerbil@Reisma (active)
derekl1963@Doc Scorpion (active)
distortedverity@Kuro Sakura (active)
divinemissb@Psionique (active)
dkellis@DKellis (active) GMT+8
doctor_toc@Scarab Sentinel (active)
doorslam@doorslam (active)
draakchaos@Draeconeia (active)
dvandom@dvandom (active)
ebenbrooks@Archimagos (active)
elvnsword@Enforcement (active)
eryntzun@eryntzun (active)
evil_overlord@Frygyd (active)
fault@Fault (active)
feralbear@fearalbear (active)
fistlaw@fistlaw (active)
fizrep@Quantum Evil (active)
foomf@Foomf (active)
fredchook@Sir Frederick Chook (active)
frozencapybara@frozencapybara (active)
frozenrhino@Flux Faraday (active)
furryjackal@SnowJackal (active)
furrysaint@MidnightJack (active)
gatorclix@The Gator (active)
gchpaco@Ishitawa Goemon (active)
greyduck@WoodsCutter (active)
harkonnen1@Shade of DMH (active)
i_fart_bats@Atomic.Cupcake (main, active), Combichrist. (active)
ihcoyc@Heraclea (active)
irishninja@kajiblaster (active)
itlandm@Itland (active) GMT+1
jackolantern@Jack O'Lantern (active)
jadecanary@Goldstar (active)
jaegamer@gamerchick (active)
jareth_gk@JeremyM (active)
jdotmi@Jdotmi (active)
jillbamfette@Raye Gunn (active)
kellzilla@Aggelakis (main, active), @kellzilla (inactive)
kin_thalas@KinThalas (main, active) GMT+1
Kin_Thalas' daughter@Skadi (active) GMT+1
kioku_jonny@Kioku Jonny (active)
kitchenqueen@MissPicklechips (active)
kowh@Kowh (active)
kviri@Kviri (active)
kwsapphire@kwsapphire (active)
kylanath@StormVyxen (active)
kylejcrb@Dixileta (inactive)
ocean_star@ArwenDarkblade (active)
lawgoch@Elder Chaos (active)
linenoise@LineNoise (active)
lyme@Lyme (active)
mahdi@skyborn (active)
mantlcore@Penguina (active)
mary_contrary@Caro (active)
medic_brietz@brietz (active)
megotelek@Freckled Avenger (active)
miintikwa@Miintikwa (active)
mikesmith0706@QuikFury (active)
missingvolume@bluebelle19 (active)
mistressbellona@Lithe Bellona (inactive)
mouser@bland (active)
mr_rbbr_spatula@Hospy (active)
mselfie@-Em (active)
naeko@Lady MoRawk (active)
negatewriter@Ophite (active)
neintales@neintales (active)
corporis_ossa@Ms. Lisette (active)
noisyparker@Second Chances (active)
nyankoframe@Kitten Basket (active)
nykeyoung@Nyke (active)
obake@coffeekraken (active)
oddball79@Cro Eris (active)
one_m0re_sun@bumblebees (active)
optimusklein@OptimusKlein (active)
palndrumm@Six (active) GMT+10
patrickat@PatrickAT (active)
peter_lorax@Lorax (active)
pheret1@Pheret1 (active)
pyrria@RedTail (active)
qayne@ericis555 (active)
quasadu@Quasadu (main, active), @QuasMonkey
rian_al@Noi Kino (active)
ringwoodcomics@Ringwood (active)
robotech_master@Purramedic (active)
rogh_sensei@Caligdoiel (active)
rokkandy@Bricktastic (active)
salacious_pop@SalaciousPop (active)
samurai_ko@Samuraiko (active)
seidoo_ryuu@Seidooryuu (active)
peartreealley@yuki-chan (active)
shadesiren@Shadesiren (active)
shadow3397@Shadow3397 (active)
shadowwolf13@Spancia (active)
shamsheeraa@Shamsheeraa (active)
shewolfe@Wyrd Witch (active)
sigil@Jack Virgo (active)
skachick_101@Hot Mamma (active)
snobahr@SnoBahr (active)
sorien@Goblinn (active)
spacenut3737@SpaceNut (active)
spectreblade@Spectreblade (active)
spyderqueen@Winged Murasaki (active)
staxxy@SuperStaxxy (active)
swwinchester@Incredible Lag (active)
syko1096@Syko1096 (active)
syrusb@Liz (active)
tancorix@Lady Rache (active)
tangentsferret@Sister Electron (active)
unknown (S.O. of tangentsferret)@Erinlefey (active)
tanyad@Mondo Man (active) & ShinKuso (active)
tarq@Lemmo (active)
technocowboy@technocowboy (active)
terrycloth@Ferrific (active)
themadman@The MadMan (active)
tmcmillan@FireBuhnee (active)
tuva_f_sims@Swiss Army Wife (active)
twen@Azraphael (active)
tychesecho@Tyche's Echo (active)
tygenco_x@Tygenco (active)
vaxjedi@Vacendaque (active)
veazey21@Veazey (active)
voxen@Voxen (active)
vulpoid@Renardine (active)
wardenda@wardenda (active)
willnobilis@Shukuji (active)
winifred@Brawler Barbie (active)
wolfieboy@torin23 (active)
wyndie@Maize Witch (active)
xany@Xany (active)
yodanxd@SolarSentai (active), @LunarSentai (active)
zzzzsleep@ZzzzSleep (active) GMT+10
LJ UsernameCity Global Handle (EU Client)
amazonlenina@intussusceptor (active) GMT+1
ashuroa@ashuroa (active)
digitalraven@IronFrame (active)
fechtbuch@Librarian (active) GMT
hollso@hollso (active)
misguidance@Guide (inactive)
rojodiablo@House Byir (active)
solarsenshi@Pinku (active)

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