City Of Heroes
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Featured Hero #75
Name: Brawler Barbie
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Tanker
Primary: Invulnerability
Secondary: Super Strength
Server: Virtue
After traveling the world as a teenage fashion model, earning her pilot's license, going to the moon, headlining several rock tours, teaching, serving her community as a doctor, firefighter, and police officer, running for president (three times), serving in the armed forces, AND a short stint as a NASCAR driver (1998 - look it up), Barbara Millicent Roberts decided to spend more time fighting crime in our beloved Paragon City. We girls can do anything -- right, Barbie?

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Patrick [userpic]
One Year Anniversary

So it's officially been one year now since NC dropped the bomb. I don't know how many people are still following this community, but this happened tonight and I wanted to share. <_<

The Town of Heroes

(to the tune of The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel)

Hello, Atlas, my old friend
I’ve come to camp ‘neath you again
Because the Pocket D RP’s boring
And my friends are in AE, farming
And my missions all have purple-con AVs
For the expees
Here in this town… of heroes.

In Perez Park I walked alone
Searching for more grays to pwn
Go Kill Skulz, it will be fun, they said
Dropping AOEs right on their head
When my PC chimed with a tell and a team invite
"Come join this fight."
"We need a few… more heroes."

In Oranbega, once, I saw
Ten thousand demons, maybe more
"Stay away from portals!" tanker said
Scrapper left the group and wound up dead
"Does anyone in here have a TP and a rez?
Or wakie pez?”
In this whole town… of heroes.

Heroes, Villains, Going Rogue
Missions where the things explode
"Join my ITF any day
Or we could do a Lady Grey”

And the shards, like candy pieces fell
And all was well
In the town… of heroes

And the players happily played
With the characters they’d made
'Til that day that they, no warning
Closed it down and ignored mourning
And NC said, “This game and its profits are something we don’t want no more
So there’s the door!”
And sunset… on the town… of heroes.


Well done!




I love filk and have written a little myself - may other borrow and sing it?

I would suggest that you slap a Creative Commons license on it quick. That would solve anyone asking me if they could also sing it.

Anyone who wants to may borrow and sing. All I've ever asked for filk is to be credited for the lyrics.

And NCSoft's stock is still about 40% below the peak it had reached right before they killed CoH.

Heh. Read your comment aloud to the hubby, and his response was "yeah, and it needs to fall lower still."

What, us vindictive?? Naw....NCSoft just yanked a STAPLE from us for our Anniversary Weekend Of Gaming. Poopieheads.

I'm not going to drop this comm until the day it gets axed, no matter how rarely people post on it.

I misses the CoH. **sniffles**

Awesome filk!

same here


This group actually makes about a quarter of my Friends list posts nowadays, which says something either about the resilience of the CoX community or the near-death state of LJ overall.

Well done.

I, too, miss CoH.


Very well done! Although I personally will never refer to this as a Sunset. That had Far too many happy "old folks remembering the good oil' days on the porch" feel to it. Nonetheless, we still are out here to remind NCSoft they're a horrible company for this.

It was more like a brutal murder in an alley.

Yeah, that pretty well sums up what I call it when I speak of it.

I believe it was more of a shiving and less of a sunset.


Yeah - NCSoft, or 'Those Murdering Bastards' as I refer to them.

Good filk though. It made me remember ... and tear up.

*raises a toast to City of Heroes*

'scuse me, have something in my eyes...

*hands over a handkerchief*

No, I don't start singing this... makes me cry like a baby... can't... sing...


Feels like so much longer :/

Me, too. I still think about CoH a lot. I watch my husband playing games on his Xbox and think, "I remember when I could fly."

Great work, this gave me knots in my stomach.