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city_of_heroes's Journal

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City Of Heroes
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For all discussion related to the City of Heroes, Villains and Going Rogue MMORPG.
Welcome to city_of_heroes, a community for all discussion related to the City of Heroes, City of Villains and Going Rogue game experience by Paragon Studios.

City of Heroes launched on April 28th, 2004 with 11 North American servers.

City of Heroes' servers were shut down on December 1st, 2012 by NCsoft, in a "realigning of company focus".

Even though the game as we know it has ended, this community will remain open.

Common sense rules apply.

Respect everyone here and they will respect you.

Personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with a particular member, work it out with them outside this community or avoid responding to them. Attacks and bad behaviour will be met with a warning. Continual warnings will warrant bans.

With one exception (listed below) no posts should be friends-locked or comments-disabled. All information in this community should be viewable to the public and open to discussion.

When posting images larger than 400x400px and/or 250kb in size put them under a cut.
When posting entries significantly longer than half a page, make a summary and place the bulk of the entry under a cut.

Similarly, when posting links to patch notes, game announcements, developer interviews or off-site information (etc) include a summary or highlight of the information for that link. If you wish to include the full text of that link in the post, place it under a cut if it's more than a paragraph.

Posts should be directly related to the Heroes/Villains/Going Rogue game experience. Tangentially related posts will be removed. (EX: posts about non-City comics, even though they deal with superheroes, are not directly related to the game.)

With regards to discussing "rumors" posted elsewhere about possible closed beta content, there are stringent rules that must be followed.

• The post on the community must only be a link to an OFF-SITE source for the rumor.
• The post on the community must be friends-locked.
• The post on the community must not be the first-hand source of the rumor.

Never delete comment threads or posts, especially due to conflict. If there is a conflict, please notify the moderators at coh.moderator@gmail.com and let us take care of it. Deleting comments or posts makes it impossible for us to see what happened and to take appropriate action, if necessary. If you must take action in addition to notifying the moderators, then we prefer you Screen the comments, or Freeze the thread. Please use Freezing sparingly, and move on once a comment thread has been frozen.

Only moderators can make new tags. Tags are set up with a wide assortment of options, but members are not required to tag their entries. Any member can add tags to an existing entry. If a new tag is needed, you can send a note to one of the mods, or email the mod account.

The moderators can be reached at coh.moderator@gmail.com, or via lj note: bigangry, syrusb and cstuck.

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